USVI Receives $62.5 Million Settlement from Leon Black Amid Epstein Investigations



Earlier in January 2021, the U.S. Virgin Islands government presented a subpoena to Black. The document sought comprehensive communication records between Black and Epstein, and his inner circle, dating back to 1998. Additionally, they requested details pertaining to Black’s visits to Epstein’s private haven, Little St. James. Confirmations suggest that Black responded to this subpoena with the settlement amount within the same month.

Black’s representatives have since come forward to shed light on the situation. According to them, the settlement in question doesn’t imply Black’s awareness of or involvement in Epstein’s nefarious activities. The stance remains that Black was neither complicit nor informed about Epstein’s misconduct.

The intricate association between Black and Epstein has been the epicenter of legal debates and public speculation. Black reportedly transferred $158 million to Epstein between 2012 and 2017. This timeframe is significant as it followed Epstein’s criminal conviction for soliciting minors in Palm Beach. However, Black has consistently maintained that these transactions were for legitimate estate planning and tax advisory services, albeit admitting that Epstein’s guidance wasn’t on par with top-tier professionals.

Currently, the Senate Finance Committee is scrutinizing the legitimacy of the payments Black made to Epstein. It’s worth mentioning that Black distanced himself from Apollo in 2021, subsequent to revelations regarding his ties to Epstein coming to the forefront.

The financial turbulence for Black doesn’t end with the U.S. Virgin Islands’ settlement. Legal challenges continue to surround him due to his association with Epstein. A notable lawsuit has been filed by Cheri Pierson. Furthermore, a recent lawsuit in Manhattan’s federal court alleges misconduct by Black in 2002. Black’s legal team has categorically rejected such claims, asserting a complete lack of acquaintance with the accuser.

Interestingly, this isn’t the U.S. Virgin Islands’ first significant financial settlement related to Epstein. The territory previously secured a whopping $105 million from Epstein’s estate. Presently, the islands’ legal team is gearing up for a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, seeking damages estimated at a minimum of $190 million. The bank is being accused of facilitating Epstein’s illicit activities, most notably the alleged transfer of over $1.1 million to women and girls post his client relationship termination.

JPMorgan Chase, while acknowledging Epstein as a high-profile client from 1998 to 2013, has refuted any knowledge of his wrongdoings.

These unfolding legal sagas revolving around Epstein-affiliated entities emphasize the lasting impact and continuing investigations into the dealings of the late financier. It’s essential to note that Ghislaine Maxwell, closely associated with Epstein, is currently serving a 20-year prison term due to her involvement in the sex trafficking network.

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