Second Arrest for Rasheen St. Juste: Charged with Grand Larceny at R2R Lounge



In a startling turn of events, Rasheen St. Juste, a St. Thomas resident, faced a second arrest, mere days after being apprehended for a stabbing incident. This latest charge, grand larceny, was levied against him following an alleged theft at the R2R Lounge, a business reportedly co-owned by St. Juste and his wife.

Authorities detained St. Juste at approximately 12:20 pm on Friday, according to a police statement. The arrest was based on video footage from the R2R Lounge, which seemingly depicted St. Juste concealing his wife’s laptop, iPad, and other personal items by hiding them within his clothing.

The exact timing of this alleged theft remains unclear from the police report. However, it occurred shortly after St. Juste had been released on pretrial terms connected to the earlier stabbing charge. That incident involved an altercation between St. Juste and another individual who reportedly tried to intervene in a dispute between St. Juste and a female acquaintance of his wife.

Following his latest arrest, St. Juste was taken into custody with a court appearance scheduled for the same day to address the grand larceny charge.

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