Promising Neuroscientist Danesha Derima Receives $1,000 Scholarship from IEKHS Class of 2019



ST. THOMAS – Highlighting the strength and support within its alumni network, the IEKHS Class of 2019, Inc. recently bestowed a $1,000 scholarship on Danesha Derima, an exceptional graduate from the subsequent class of 2020. Currently, Derima is immersing herself in psychology studies at the University of the Virgin Islands, reflecting a growing zeal for neuroscience investigation.

Rooted in her unwavering ambition to make a mark in the world of neuroscience, Derima envisages focusing on devising pharmaceutical solutions for neurodegenerative disorders like dementia. The Class of 2019 highlighted this in their press release, emphasizing the importance of the scholarship as it substantially alleviates financial hurdles, especially as students venture into the crucial third and fourth years of their undergraduate journey.

Expressing gratitude, Derima stated, “I am deeply honored by the trust the Class of 2019 has placed in me through this esteemed scholarship. It’s a significant assist in navigating college costs.” With an eye on the future, Derima envisions herself as an influential figure in the community, predominantly guiding young women from the Virgin Islands keen on pursuing STEM fields. “Such support magnifies my commitment to forging pathways for upcoming women scientists,” she articulated further.

It’s evident that Ivanna Eudora Kean High School’s alumni hold a keen interest in tracking the successes of their immediate successors. Derima’s unwavering academic excellence since her time at the high school positioned her as a prime candidate for this scholarship.

Ki’Andre Thomas, the President of the IEKHS Class of 2019, Inc., voiced, “Bestowing this scholarship upon Danesha is a celebration of merit and potential. Our endeavor transcends mere financial aid; it’s about kindling a culture of support and inspiring future batches to adopt similar noble pursuits early on.”

The financial foundation for this scholarship found its roots in the Dynamite Rays Apparel Scholarship Fund. This was predominantly fueled by selling hats adorned with the school’s beloved mascot, Ronnie the Ray, signifying the alumni group’s unwavering commitment to academic distinction and nurturing future talent.

On a concluding note, the IEKHS Class of 2019, Inc. is fervently preparing for their 5-year reunion slated between August 2023 and May 2024. This celebratory period will also witness the group’s continued efforts to confer scholarships, organize insightful workshops post-high school, and open doors for deserving individuals. Thomas called out, “We urge potential collaborators and benefactors to unite with us in this mission. Together, we can sculpt the academic trajectories of our prodigious students.”

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