Hurricane Season

Impacts of Hurricane Lee Reverberate on USVI and PR’s Coastal Regions Until Mid-Week



While the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are spared the direct wrath of Hurricane Lee, the storm’s indirect repercussions are anticipated to challenge both marine and coastal conditions until at least the week’s midpoint. Presently, Hurricane Lee is pinpointed at a latitude of 22.1 N and longitude 61.7 W.

In light of the impending conditions, authorities have rolled out Small Craft Advisories encompassing the Atlantic Waters, the Anegada Passage, as well as the proximate waters off the northern stretch of the Virgin Islands. With the prevailing circumstances, seafarers are encouraged to tread cautiously across these waters, with tumultuous conditions slated to continue.

Those who cherish beach outings and the general populace dwelling in these zones should stay acutely aware of the escalated risk tied to rip currents. Not to mention, high surf warnings are in force, particularly targeting the beaches facing the northern and eastern directions. Waves surging to heights ranging from 10 to 15 feet are predicted for these specific locales, thereby amplifying risks tied to aquatic endeavors like swimming and boating.

Beyond the towering waves, there is a distinct alert regarding rip currents propelled by waves that reach between 6 and 9 feet in height. Such circumstances spell peril especially for those unaccustomed to swimming, and even seasoned swimmers might find themselves in challenging spots if caught unprepared.

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