Christiansted Bar Owner’s Vehicle Hijacked at Gunpoint



ST. CROIX — A chilling late-night event unfolded this past weekend when the proprietor of Yamasa Bar in Peter’s Rest found herself the victim of an armed carjacking. The incident transpired outside the premises just shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Responding swiftly to the alarming situation, the local police rendezvoused with the distraught bar owner at a nearby venue. It was there she recounted the traumatic events of the night to the law enforcement officials.

As per the business owner’s account, she was adjacent to her white 2015 Honda Civic, stationed outside Yamasa Bar, when an unfamiliar black compact vehicle pulled up. One occupant of this vehicle, who had obscured his facial features with a t-shirt, disembarked clutching a metallic-hued firearm. Without hesitation, he brandished the weapon threateningly at her, vocally insisting she relinquish her car keys.

In the face of such imminent peril, the bar owner swiftly complied, turning over her vehicle keys. Her assailant promptly commandeered her Honda Civic, bolting southwards, while the black compact car from which he had emerged took off northbound.

Stunned by the abrupt and distressing turn of events, the bar owner elected to shut her establishment’s doors for the night’s remainder, prioritizing security.

Beyond the vehicular theft, the car held additional valuable assets. The owner informed officials it contained not only her personal belongings but also a sum of money and her mobile device. Miraculously, despite the potential danger she faced, she emerged from the encounter without physical harm.

Local law enforcement is delving into the matter diligently. They strongly encourage any individual possessing potentially pertinent details to step forward and aid in the ongoing investigation.

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