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Bovoni Landfill Fire Operations Briefly Suspended by Fire Service



The Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services (VIFEMS) has reported an interim cessation in their operations at the Bovoni Landfill. This site has been engulfed in flames since early last Thursday. This pause is scheduled to endure through tonight, although there will be a suppression response team and essential machinery stationed at the scene. Full-fledged operations are anticipated to kick off again tomorrow morning.

This momentary halt doesn’t indicate a lapse in progress. Firefighting teams have achieved notable success in their efforts against the inferno. As per the recent updates, a commendable 75% of the landfill’s vegetation debris heap has been effectively doused. Furthermore, avant-garde suppression techniques have been incorporated to address the deeper, subterranean hot zones, ensuring that the potential hazards to the nearby communities are substantially mitigated.

With the fire still raging, VIFEMS has disseminated guidelines for residents potentially impacted by the ensuing smoke:

  • It is advisable to remain indoors, securing windows and doors to limit exposure.
  • Those grappling with respiratory ailments should remain particularly vigilant and steer clear of areas under the smoke’s influence.

Director Daryl A. George, Sr., paid tribute to the tireless warriors battling the flames. “The unwavering commitment and prowess of our firefighters in these trying times is a testament to their dedication towards community safety. Their relentless dedication hasn’t escaped our attention. My profound appreciation goes out to each individual confronting this situation head-on,” George articulated. He further emphasized their valor, proficiency, and synergy as the backbone of the rescue operation.

Mr. George also conveyed his appreciation to the local residents for their unity during these pressing times. The inflow of donations and the steadfast backing of the community have been instrumental in propelling the efforts. “Every gesture of support only strengthens our commitment,” he remarked, highlighting that such backing epitomizes the community’s indomitable spirit and tenacity.

Even as operations are momentarily on hold, VIFEMS wishes to assure residents that a dedicated suppression brigade, complemented by vital gear, will keep vigil on the site to oversee the situation and take immediate action if required. As they gear up for another day of rigorous efforts, the intention remains clear – to ensure the fire is comprehensively subdued.

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