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WAPA Updates on Prolonged Power Rotations in St. Thomas and St. John Owing to Unexpected Repair Issues



The U.S. Virgin Islands’ Water and Power Authority (WAPA) alerted locals concerning the continuation of rotational power disruptions primarily affecting the regions of St. Thomas and St. John. The reason, as pointed out by the authority on Monday, pertains to unforeseen hitches encountered during the weekend’s restoration process of a crucial transmission line. This line, originating from the Randolph Harley Power Plant, chiefly directs power to the eastern zones of St. Thomas and St. John.

Deep Dive into the Problem

On September 16, Saturday, a misstep during construction operations led to the puncturing of a duct bank, a protective enclosure for utility wires and cables. Consequently, the inner electrical wire of the duct bank sustained damages, specifically targeting Feeder 13. This feeder plays a pivotal role, channeling power from the Randolph Harley Power Plant towards the Tutu Substation, WAPA highlighted.

Originating from the Randolph Harley Power Plant (RHPP) based in St. Thomas, WAPA’s power distribution utilizes two primary transmission feeders, namely Feeder 12 and Feeder 13. Given the present impairment to Feeder 13, the organization has been compelled to exclusively bank on Feeder 12 to cater to the bulk of the power needs in the combined St. Thomas and St. John territory.

Current Scenario and Altered Power Delivery Plans

Due to the damages, Feeder 12 has been stretched beyond its capacity, falling short of meeting the demands of every consumer outside the Power Plant’s precincts. Hence, an organized power distribution has been set in motion. As of now, only feeders tagged “B, C, and E” are under the coverage of Feeder 12, with the restoration of Feeder 13 still in progress.

Here’s the power rotation blueprint for St. Thomas and St. John as of September 18, 2023:

  • Rotation 1 (5-7 am): Off– 7B & 9E, On– 10B & 9C
  • Rotation 2 (7-9 am): Off– 7E & 7C, On– 9E & 7B
  • Rotation 3 (9-11 am): Off– 10B & 9C, On– 7E & 7C
  • Rotation 1 (11 am-1 pm): Off– 7B & 9E, On– 10B & 9C
  • Rotation 2 (1-3 pm): Off– 7E & 7C, On– 9E & 7B
  • Rotation 3 (3-5 pm): Off– 10B & 9C, On– 7E & 7C

The Road Ahead and Community Feedback

Though consistent endeavors are in place to mend Feeder 13, the equipment continues to malfunction, hinting at possible further undisclosed damages. As a result, residents are advised to brace for an extended power distribution strategy until complete resolution.

WAPA has openly recognized the inconveniences and stresses these unforeseen interruptions have caused. It has extended its gratitude towards the community for their unwavering patience and understanding during these testing times.

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USVI Community Pulse

Over 100 Volunteers Rally for Vessup Beach Cleanup, Collecting 80 Bags of Trash



On a sunny Saturday, more than 100 community members, including 78 enthusiastic students, gathered at Vessup Beach in Estate Nazareth, motivated by a common goal: to rid the beach of litter. This environmental initiative, spearheaded by YES! Waste Management, marked a significant achievement as volunteers managed to remove 80 bags full of garbage from the shores of St. Thomas.

The variety of trash collected was vast, ranging from abandoned fishing lines and plastic jugs to fast-food packaging, cans, bottles, and even a partially submerged dinghy. This extensive haul underscores the critical need for diligent waste management practices, particularly in the US Virgin Islands’ delicate coastal regions.

The cleanup received generous support from local businesses, enhancing the experience for those involved. West Indies Windsurfing offered complimentary kayaks and paddleboards for participants to enjoy Muller Bay, while Leatherback Brewing Company, a brewery based in St. Croix, provided refreshments for the adult volunteers as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

MacKenzie Stoller, co-owner of YES! Waste Management, expressed gratitude for the community’s robust turnout and spirit. “The incredible turnout and spirit of cooperation at this beach cleanup event were truly heartening. It’s remarkable to witness our community, especially the youth, uniting for such a vital cause,” Stoller remarked.

YES! Waste Management is extending an invitation to the local business sector to support forthcoming cleanups and environmental campaigns. This initiative is part of a broader effort to foster sustainable waste management and conservation ethos within the community, ensuring the preservation of the territory’s natural beauty for generations to come.

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USVI Community Pulse

Renewal of Forest Inventory Activities Across St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John by USDA



The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service has announced the forthcoming resumption of the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA) across St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. This initiative marks a continuation of a comprehensive federal effort initiated in 1930, aimed at compiling, analyzing, and disseminating data on the condition and trends of America’s forestlands. The project, which began anew in 2020, encountered delays due to the pandemic but is now set to proceed under the guidance of Belinda Ferro, an esteemed ecologist with the Southern Research Station’s FIA program.

Collaborating closely with the International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF), a team of skilled biological scientists will undertake the inventory. This essential work will gather critical data to support the assessment of ecosystem management sustainability, wildlife habitat evaluation, and forest planning and decision-making processes.

The forthcoming inventory will delve into various aspects of the forest, including its size, location, ownership, and the dynamics of change over time. It will also examine tree growth, as well as recent mortality or removal of forest vegetation. This iteration marks the Virgin Islands’ fourth comprehensive inventory, initiating a transition to annual remeasurements to more accurately monitor fluctuations in forest cover, land use, biodiversity, and the impact and recovery from hurricane damage, according to FIA statements.

Adopting an annual cycle for remeasurements enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of capturing the intricate dynamics of forest ecosystems. Ferro emphasized the initiative’s aim to enlighten residents, policymakers, and governmental bodies about the distinctiveness of island ecosystems and their recent significant ecological shifts. The forthcoming reports will offer insights into current conditions, trends, and potential future scenarios if current trends persist. This information will empower resource managers to make well-informed decisions, taking into account the latest data on forest health, hurricane damage, developmental impact, and the influence of climate change and invasive species.

Upon completion of the forest surveys, the gathered data will undergo analysis and be presented in a comprehensive report published every five years by the Southern Research Station. Additionally, the findings will be accessible for download from the Forest Inventory and Analysis website, providing valuable resources for ongoing environmental management and conservation efforts.

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USVI Community Pulse

Virgin Islands’ Vocal Prodigy Shines at Carnegie Hall



Charlotte Amalie High School’s senior tenor, Qian Harrigan-Thomas, recently delivered an unforgettable performance at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York City, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning musical career. Harrigan-Thomas participated in the Honors Performance Series, an esteemed event that brings together young musicians from across the globe to showcase their talents on an internationally recognized stage.

This event draws participants from every corner of the United States, including the Virgin Islands, who must navigate a highly competitive selection process to earn the opportunity to perform in world-class venues like Carnegie Hall.

Harrigan-Thomas’s path to this prestigious platform was paved by his outstanding achievement at the WorldStrides Heritage Festival in Atlanta, where he earned the Maestro Award. This accolade, a reflection of his extraordinary talent and dedication, was awarded for his performance with the Charlotte Amalie High School Band. His audition for the Honors Performance Series Selection Board was met with acclaim, noting his “warm, rich sound and commendable Italian diction,” elements that played a pivotal role in his selection for this notable performance.

Participation in the Honors Concert Choir at Carnegie Hall offered Harrigan-Thomas not only the chance to perform but also an enriching experience of rehearsals, cultural interactions, and sightseeing, leading to a performance that he describes as “life-changing.”

Looking ahead, Harrigan-Thomas has already been accepted into a university and is currently auditioning for several others, poised for the next chapter in his promising musical journey.

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