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Virgin Islands Port Authority Braces for Unprecedented Holiday Travel Season, Advises Early Arrivals



The Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) is preparing for what is anticipated to be an unprecedented surge in holiday travel, as communicated by VIPA’s Executive Director, Carlton Dowe.

Dowe reports that both the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and various airlines are projecting a record number of passengers this holiday season. This surge is expected to be reflected at the Cyril E. King and Henry E. Rohlsen Airports, as well as the ferry ports across the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In light of this, Dowe stresses the importance of travelers arriving at least three hours prior to their flight’s departure time. This is particularly crucial given the ongoing construction at Cyril E. King Airport, where parking is currently not available. Dowe recommends travelers consider being dropped off or using the complimentary public parking near the former Island Beachcomber Hotel.

At Henry E. Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix, while parking is available, Dowe cautions against parking along terminal curbsides, warning of potential fines or vehicle towing.

Regarding seaport operations, Dowe assures that passenger and car ferry services will run as usual during the holidays. He advises passengers to arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to avoid delays and to heed instructions from VIPA’s marine staff and security contractors for a smooth travel experience.

Dowe also reminds the public to observe all parking regulations at both airports and ferry ports, emphasizing that with the expected rise in traveler numbers, parking rules will be strictly enforced.

Concluding his announcement, Dowe extends his best wishes on behalf of the Virgin Islands Port Authority: “We wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.”

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Travel Agent Network Paves the Way for Remote Work and Collaboration in the V.I.



The Wander Network Travel Agency, a fully woman-owned enterprise established in February, is inviting aspiring travel agents in the Virgin Islands to join its network. This opportunity includes access to extensive training and connections with key industry partners in hospitality and tourism.

The Wander Network’s mission statement highlights its goal of fostering entrepreneurship among travel enthusiasts. “We guide individuals on a transformative journey, helping them craft their own adventure as travel agents and embark on the exciting path of starting their own travel company. With personalized support, resources, and a vibrant community, we empower dreamers to turn their love for travel into a thriving business,” the statement reads.

Founder and CEO Shannon Kittner emphasizes the importance of collaboration in the travel industry, ensuring success for all involved. “We truly believe in setting the travel agents up for success, especially if they are brand new in the travel industry. We are here to guide them and help every step of the way. At The Wander Network Travel Agency, our travel agents are not just a number; we take time to personally get to know each one, learn what they like to sell, have one-on-one meetings, and guide them through their training,” Kittner said.

The network also offers a “travel agent career guide” on its website to help prospective agents understand the career before committing.

Kellie Greaux, vice president of Membership and Business Development at The Wander Network, is dedicated to supporting new agents through onboarding and ongoing processes like branding, advertising, and client relations. “Shannon and I are working on creating a company that feels like family where continuous learning and growth are fostered and encouraged. With almost 20 years of experience in Hospitality and Travel and Tourism, we bring our skills and connections to help fast-track the success of each agent,” Greaux said.

The Wander Network has developed virtual training books as a blueprint for agents’ travel businesses. Greaux noted the flexibility and freedom the career offers, allowing agents to work part-time or transition to full-time roles.

Greaux believes that having more Virgin Islanders in the travel agent industry can enhance the tourism sector of the Virgin Islands. “Who better to promote and sell any destination than its local people? The Virgin Islands are filled with rich history, and as a travel agent, you can share this knowledge to excite clients about visiting,” she said.

The Wander Network targets a new generation of travelers, with values centered on sustainable and cultural travel, respect for local communities, and creating unique experiences. “With a heavy emphasis on development and exposure of millennials and Gen Zers, we focus on crafting memorable in-destination experiences,” Kittner and Greaux explained.

Greaux encourages local travel enthusiasts to consider using a travel agent for their next trip. “Booking a trip can be stressful, and our agents remove that stress, providing great recommendations, unbeatable prices, and special offers through our preferred partnerships,” she said.

For more information or to join The Wander Network, visit The Wander Network.

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Frontier Airlines Launches Nonstop Flights from St. Croix to Orlando, Boosting Tourism and Connectivity



Frontier Airlines, known as America’s Greenest Airline, has inaugurated nonstop service from Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX) to Orlando International Airport (MCO) as of May 25, 2024. This launch will be followed by the introduction of another route to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, beginning June 2, 2024. The airline has introduced promotional fares starting at $99 to celebrate these new services.

Josh Flyr, Frontier Airlines’ Vice President of Network Operations and Design, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded services. “With this new service to and from Orlando and San Juan, Frontier is pleased to support St. Croix’s valuable tourism industry and offer convenient, affordable flight options to local residents,” Flyr stated.

The Orlando route will operate once a week, while flights to San Juan will be available three times a week, enhancing both tourism access and local mobility. Flight schedules and additional details can be found on Frontier’s official website.

In conjunction with the new routes, Frontier has launched ‘UpFront Plus,’ an upgraded seating option providing additional leg and elbow room in the first two rows of their aircraft. This option ensures an empty middle seat for added comfort.

Frontier also highlighted its enhanced frequent flyer program, FRONTIER Miles, which allows customers to quickly accumulate miles at a rate of $1 equaling 10 miles. Designed with families in mind, the program offers benefits such as family pooling of miles, priority boarding, and waived fees for changes made at least a week in advance.

Promotional fares for the new flights must be purchased by June 7, 2024, and are valid for travel from June 2, 2024, through September 30, 2024, with specific blackout dates. These fares do not require a round-trip purchase and are available exclusively to members of the airline’s Discount Den program.

Reservations made under the promotional offer are non-refundable, except for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking, provided the booking is made at least a week before departure. Additional services such as baggage and seat assignments are available at extra costs.

Frontier Airlines’ expansion is set to enhance the local economy by improving air connectivity and offering more affordable travel options for both residents and tourists.

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Cyril E. King Airport to Close Nightly for Five Weeks Due to Runway and Taxiway Projects



Beginning next week, Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas will undergo nightly closures for approximately five weeks, according to Preston Beyer, Director of Engineering at the Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA).

During a VIPA Governing Board meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Beyer provided updates on several ongoing projects. The board approved an additional $474,047.25 for a contract with Hi-Lite Airfield Services, which was initially hired in August 2023 to update runway markings to meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. The extra funds will be used to refresh the runway’s airfield markings due to a “noted degradation of the vibrancy of the airfield markings,” Mr. Beyer stated.

The initial project aimed to address geometrical and vibrancy deficiencies identified in compliance inspections. With annual inspections approaching, VIPA decided to refresh the runway markings to ensure no deficiencies would be noted by inspectors, Mr. Beyer explained.

In addition to marking work, the middle portion of the runway will receive a new protective layer. “The contractor has mobilized the site and is expected to begin the seal coat work on the keel section of the runway next week,” Mr. Beyer informed the board. This work will necessitate hard runway closures each night for about a week. Combined with the runway pavement markings, the airport will experience approximately five weeks of nightly closures.

VIPA plans to use these closures to perform additional work, including an ongoing taxiway project, which will proceed concurrently with the seal coat and pavement marking work, thus avoiding the need for separate closures. “We anticipate that the final marking associated with the taxiway job will happen in concurrence with these nightly closures and shutdowns,” Mr. Beyer added.

The board meeting also addressed the barge ramp dredging project at Red Hook. A final review conducted in March 2024 revealed deficiencies in the completed work. Mr. Beyer noted that the contractor would return between late May and early June to correct these issues, specifically a portion of the work that wasn’t dredged to the contracted depth, affecting about 30% of the project area. VIPA will pay the partial invoice submitted, with the remaining sum due upon completion of the remediation work. Despite the deficiencies, the barge ramp remains in use and has not impeded access, Mr. Beyer confirmed.

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