Unraveling the Home Invasion in St. John: Suspect Held on $100,000 Bail



ST. JOHN — As new details emerge about a recent home invasion in St. John, the victim’s account paints a chilling picture of that evening. This testimony played a crucial role in the detention of the accused, facing a slew of serious charges.

On the afternoon of August 6, a distress call was logged at the Leander Jurgen Command police precinct. The individual, who was the victim of the home invasion, narrated an alarming series of events from the previous evening. Just a little past 11:00 p.m. on August 5, he was settled in his Power Boyd Plantation home. Unexpectedly, a knock sounded at his door. The scene that unfolded next was nothing short of a nightmare. Three men barged in, waving black firearms menacingly.

Throughout this ordeal, money was their primary demand. However, one among the trio, whom the victim recognized as Javier Francisco Feliciano, had other plans. He quickly began pilfering the home, taking away shoes, colognes, and sunglasses. In a peculiar turn of events, while Feliciano swiped $200 from the victim’s wallet, he left behind $20.

Historical police records reveal a prior run-in with Feliciano. He had been detained earlier in March for drug-related offenses during a routine vehicular check. The V.I. Police Department documented this arrest.

The victim’s association with Feliciano dates back to a point where he played a role in Feliciano’s transit from the British Virgin Islands to the USVI. As the assailants made their exit post the invasion, they snapped pictures of their terrified victim, further tormenting him with threats of dire consequences should he approach the police. Fearful for his life, the victim hastily relocated.

The ordeal wasn’t over, though. In the early hours of August 7, the victim rang the police yet again. He reported a troubling encounter where Feliciano menacingly drove past him, signaling a gun-firing gesture from his black truck.

After the authorities issued and disseminated a wanted notice for Feliciano, he presented himself at the precinct on August 16 at around 9:00 a.m. He attempted to justify his break-in by stating his intention was to retrieve personal belongings from his former residence. However, he held back from furnishing an official testimony, expressing the need for an interpreter. Even with efforts to accommodate this request with Spanish-fluent officers, the situation culminated in Feliciano’s arrest.

The laundry list of charges he faces include first-degree burglary and assault, home invasion, issuing threats to breach peace, conspiracy, unlicensed firearm possession, along with six counts of aiding and abetting.

As proceedings move forward, Feliciano awaits an advisory hearing on his rights, scheduled for August 18. Meanwhile, he remains under custody. In a subsequent hearing, Magistrate Paula Norkaitis found sufficient grounds for all the charges. Feliciano’s bail has been determined at $100,000, with stringent conditions. Should he make bail, several requirements will tether him: weekly check-ins at the probation department, ongoing job hunting documentation, restricted movement within the jurisdiction unless court-approved, and a non-negotiable distance of a minimum 100 feet from the victim.

The legal saga continues, with Feliciano’s next appearance in court marked for September 1.

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