Unlicensed Vehicle and Alcohol Suspicions Lead to Negligent Driving Charges for St. Croix Resident



ST. CROIX — A local resident, who was found behind the wheel of an unregistered truck after an accident, has been charged with negligent driving among other charges.

On Monday, August 7, at roughly 2:45 p.m., law enforcement authorities were alerted to an accident scene on the Queen Mary Highway in Estate Barren Spot. The collision involved a truck and an SUV.

When officers arrived, they interviewed a distressed driver of a cerulean Ford Escape. She narrated that as she was progressing eastwards on the highway, she noticed a jet-black Ford F150 veering into her lane. Despite her desperate efforts to swerve left and slamming on the brakes, the two vehicles inevitably collided.

Aaron Obrien, the 34-year-old truck driver, was subsequently approached by the officers. Opting for reticence, Obrien chose not to comment about the incident. However, the officers couldn’t help but notice the overpowering aroma of alcohol emanating from him, coupled with the distinct redness and glossiness of his eyes. Despite these observations, Obrien firmly asserted he hadn’t consumed any alcoholic beverages. His puzzling query about whether the officer could “detect the scent of the dog in the yard” further raised suspicions.

When asked to undergo standard field sobriety tests, Obrien declined. He was informed that refusal to partake would equate to an automatic failure, but this didn’t persuade him. He also chose not to consent to a blood alcohol content analysis. These refusals, coupled with the evident signs of intoxication, led to his arrest for DUI.

To further complicate matters for Obrien, when he handed over a Florida driver’s license for identification, a quick verification with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles revealed that the Ford F150 he was driving wasn’t registered.

Consequently, Obrien faced multiple charges: operating an unregistered vehicle, negligent driving, and DUI. When he made his court appearance on Wednesday, Magistrate Ernest Morris mandated a release condition, which comprised a $100 cash payment. The finer details concerning bail and bond are expected to be made public on the court’s official information platform soon.

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