Unforeseen Stabbing Incident Unfolds in St. Thomas



ST. THOMAS — An unexpected act of violence disrupted the calm in St. Thomas this past Sunday, as a 33-year-old individual was assaulted and stabbed on Brookman Road while unwinding with some drinks, as per the release from the V.I. Police Department. The episode transpired around 10:00 p.m.

The VIPD informs that following the incident, the individual received prompt medical attention at Schnieder Regional Medical Center. The victim recounted to the authorities that he was leisurely enjoying his drinks by Brookman Road when an unknown aggressor inflicted a wound on his back’s left side. The motive or identity of the assailant remains a mystery to the victim.

The Special Operations Division and the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the VIPD are diligently investigating the occurrence. Due to the ambiguous nature of the incident, officials are seeking assistance from the community.

Individuals possessing any information regarding the episode are urged to communicate with Emergency Services by dialing 911, or the Criminal Investigation Bureau at (340) 774-2211, or they can get in touch directly with Detective Brian Bedminster at (340) 774-2211 ext. 5573. Moreover, tips can be forwarded to Crime Stoppers V.I. at 1(800)222-8477.

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