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U.S. Virgin Islands and New York Jets Inaugurate Partnership with Vibrant Caribbean Fest



The U.S. Virgin Islands’ Department of Tourism recently marked the onset of its multi-annual collaboration with the New York Jets in a grandiose manner. This partnership was ushered in with a spectacular Caribbean Carnival-inspired tailgate party, coinciding with the Monday Night Football match on September 11.

Joseph Boschulte, Commissioner for the Department of Tourism, remarked, “Being recognized as the official Caribbean destination associate of the New York Jets, we were keen to present this alliance in a distinctive and lively style. Hosting a Carnival-centric celebration was the perfect medium to bring forth the rich and dynamic culture of the U.S. Virgin Islands to some of the country’s most fervent football enthusiasts!”

This spirited gathering took place in the Jets Tailgate Zone, where an intricate set-up depicted the three primary islands of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The tourism board members, local dancers, and Moko Jumbies engaged with the crowd, distributing exclusive game-day merchandise. The atmosphere was electrified by the Virgin Islands Dream Team, a DJ pair who kept the audience engaged with a rhythmic blend of soca, calypso, and reggae tunes.

In addition to this, the Jets Tailgate Zone was chosen for the live broadcast of Jets Pregame Central, proudly sponsored by the U.S. Virgin Islands. This show spotlighted Jets Team Journalist, Eric Allen, alongside Jets luminaries Anthony Becht and Quincy Enunwa. The segment was further enlivened by the presence of special invitees like Rap Icon Method Man and ex-Jets quarterback, Vinny Testaverde.

Expressing his satisfaction with the collaboration’s initiation, Jeff Fernandez, VP of Business Development and Ventures for the New York Jets, stated, “The authentic Carnival ambiance we conjured at MetLife Stadium and within the Jets Tailgate Zone undoubtedly elevated the overall match-day ambiance. We’re eagerly anticipating the prospective ventures this season.”

Additionally, Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. graced the occasion, interacting with fans at the Tailgate Zone and accompanying Mr. Boschulte for the ceremonial coin toss.

Supporters can anticipate another theme-based tailgate affair scheduled for October 1, replete with promotional giveaways and heightened fan interaction segments.

To delve deeper into the U.S. Virgin Islands and New York Jets collaboration details, navigate to the New York Jets’ Official Portal. For insights about the U.S. Virgin Islands’ offerings, explore the USVI Tourism Website

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USVI Sets Course for Nautical Infrastructure Upgrades with New Cruise Passenger Fees



The Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) Board of Governors has endorsed a new Capital Cost Recovery Charge (CCRC) of $5 per cruise passenger to fund crucial improvements to its cruise terminal facilities. This development lays the foundation for Executive Director Carlton Dowe’s vision to bring state-of-the-art maritime amenities to the region.

In a recent meeting, the VIPA Board authorized Carlton Dowe to commence talks with the Royal Caribbean Group for the implementation of the new charge. This CCRC is slated to take effect from the first day of January 2024 and is directed specifically towards the Royal Caribbean Group and its allied cruise lines that utilize the Austin “Babe” Monsanto Marine Terminal in Crown Bay, St. Thomas.

The funds garnered through this charge will primarily go toward the Crown Bay District Upland Development Project, also located in St. Thomas. Key elements of this ambitious venture include the building of an additional cruise ship dock at Crown Bay and vital dredging activities, which are necessary for accommodating larger vessels.

Moreover, Carlton Dowe has been authorized to apply an identical $5 per passenger CCRC for the Royal Caribbean Group and its affiliated cruise liners that anchor at the Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility in Frederiksted, St. Croix. The capital raised through this fee will be directed toward essential groundwork for infrastructure improvements and further dredging at this location. Once completed, these modifications will permit the docking of larger Freedom-class cruise ships in St. Croix, a notable upgrade from the existing Voyager-class ships that are currently the largest to berth at Abramson’s facility.

Dowe highlighted the significance of this collaboration with the Royal Caribbean Group, emphasizing its value for the U.S. Virgin Islands’ maritime future. “Our alliance with the Royal Caribbean Group is more vital than ever as we aim to elevate our port facilities to world-class standards. This is a strategic move to reinforce the U.S. Virgin Islands’ reputation as a premier cruise destination. While the rest of the Caribbean is advancing, we cannot afford to be left behind. Now is the time for decisive action and forward momentum,” he said.

This strategic initiative demonstrates the commitment of VIPA and the U.S. Virgin Islands to stay competitive in the burgeoning cruise tourism sector. By proactively investing in infrastructure and partnering with key players like the Royal Caribbean Group, the islands are well-positioned to become an even more attractive destination for cruise passengers worldwide. With a projected start date just a few months away, these upgrades mark a significant stride in the U.S. Virgin Islands’ pursuit of maritime excellence.

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