Tragic Collision on Queen Mary Highway: VIPD Reveals Victim’s Identity



ST. CROIX — Recent updates from the V.I. Police Department have confirmed the unfortunate demise of Devin Fleming, 41, following a grave vehicle mishap on Tuesday evening. The calamitous event transpired on the prominent Queen Mary Highway, adjacent to the esteemed Whim Museum, with the incident taking place at approximately 7:01 p.m. This information was conveyed to the Consortium directly by representatives from the V.I. Police Department.

Swiftly acting on the alert from the 911 Emergency Call Center, officers stationed at the Wilbur Francis command were dispatched and subsequently arrived at the catastrophe site. Preliminary investigations, as per the data available, hint at a potential reckless driving scenario. An eastbound black Acura, presumably at a speed higher than recommended and seemingly attempting to bypass other vehicles on the road, unfortunately collided in a head-on fashion with a Ford Escape coming from the opposite direction.

The impact was severe. Devin Fleming, who was behind the wheel of the Acura, succumbed to the grievous injuries he incurred during the accident. The repercussions for the Ford Escape’s driver, while distressing, were fortunately not critical. Although injured, the latest updates indicate that the driver’s condition is stable and not life-threatening.

It’s always a somber moment for the community when such unfortunate incidents transpire. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the implications of high-speed driving. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of Devin Fleming during this challenging time, and we wish the injured driver a swift recovery.

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