Thomas Authorities Pursue Armed Suspect Following Traffic Stop



ST. THOMAS — A nighttime traffic stop escalated quickly when officers identified a man reportedly involved in a previous firearms incident. Shahime Ludvig, now faces felony charges in connection with the incident.

On the evening of August 11, just after 10 p.m., officers near Four Winds Plaza recognized a silver Ford Bronco that matched the description of a vehicle connected to a recent case in which a suspect had allegedly brandished a rifle at an individual. The license plate of the Bronco coincided with the vehicle in question, prompting officers to approach the driver, later identified as Ludvig.

Initially, Ludvig complied with the officers’ requests, lifting his shirt to show he wasn’t armed. He also denied having any items to report. The situation intensified when an officer used a flashlight to peer inside the SUV. Ludvig promptly grabbed a black firearm from the seat. Reacting swiftly to the sight of the weapon, he began to make his way towards Rhymer Highway.

Despite an officer commanding Ludvig to halt and even drawing her gun, Ludvig pressed on in his attempt to evade them. As he dashed into Top Banana Road, a shot rang out from one of the officers. Yet, due to dim lighting and concern for bystanders and public safety, officers chose to discontinue the pursuit, opting instead to secure the immediate vicinity.

Following the incident, an arrest warrant was issued. Prompted by advice from friends and relatives aware of the warrant, Ludvig eventually surrendered himself to authorities. Although he declined to comment on the night’s events, he was subsequently charged with hindering an officer’s performance of duty.

Ludvig’s legal proceedings commenced swiftly. By August 14, he was presented before the Bureau of Corrections, awaiting his advice of rights hearing. On the subsequent Monday, Magistrate Paula Norkaitis set a bail of $1,000, which was promptly met on behalf of Ludvig. As part of his pre-trial release conditions, Ludvig is mandated to check in telephonically with the probation office weekly. Moreover, he is confined to the St. Thomas/St. John district, with any movement outside requiring court-sanctioned written permission.

Shahime Ludvig Jr.’s next scheduled court appearance is slated for September 1.

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