Texas-Based Fugitive Detained for Sexual Assault Charges at St. Thomas’ Cyril E. King Airport



ST. THOMAS — On Sunday, August 13, Cyril E. King Airport became the site of a significant arrest. Allen Eugene Hall, a 29-year-old individual evading law enforcement in Texas, was detained by authorities here.

This capture was made possible by the collaborative work of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Customs Border Patrol (CBP). It was during the initial detainment by CBP that a thorough NCIC background check was conducted. This check brought to light the pressing fact: Hall was on the run due to pending warrants in Texas. These warrants were connected to two serious allegations of sexual assault.

Immediately after these findings, procedures were initiated. Hall was swiftly arrested, thoroughly booked, and processed by the relevant authorities. Taking the severity of his alleged crimes into account, the decision was made not to set a bail amount for Hall. This underscores the gravity of the charges he’s facing and the dedication of local enforcement to uphold justice.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau, while having made a significant arrest, continues its probe into the case. The bureau believes in community collaboration and encourages individuals who may possess any pertinent information to come forward. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the case and upholds the law and order for the residents.

To reach out to the bureau with any relevant details, one can contact them directly at (340)774-2211. Understanding that some might want to share information without revealing their identity, there are provisions in place. Individuals can either dial 911 or alternatively reach out to Crime Stoppers V.I. at 1(800)222-TIPS. The community’s participation and vigilance serve as an invaluable asset in ensuring a safer environment for all.

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