St. Thomas Traffic Stop Uncovers Cocaine and Marijuana due to Tinted Windshield



ST. THOMAS — An ordinary traffic check on Friday afternoon culminated in felony drug accusations against Maulique Caines. Special Operations Bureau personnel, while conducting vehicular checks around 5:30 p.m. on Alton Adams Drive, adjacent to the Legislature bus stop, observed a grey Toyota 4Runner with an overly dark windshield tint traveling westward. The officer on duty promptly signaled the driver to halt.

As the vehicle stopped, a distinctive aroma of marijuana emanated, prompting officers to inquire. Caines confessed to having consumed marijuana earlier that day. Displaying initial reluctance to step out, he eventually heeded the officers’ request upon a subsequent ask. His attempt to reach back inside the vehicle during a frisk raised officers’ concerns.

The vehicle’s ensuing inspection revealed a clear plastic bag nestled in the center console, containing a substance resembling white crystalline rocks. Laboratory evaluations affirmed the substance to be cocaine, weighing in at roughly 7 grams. Furthermore, the back seat hid multiple packets of marijuana-infused confectionaries. Meanwhile, the front passenger seat held a black rucksack housing approximately 21 grams of a substance, later identified as marijuana. Alongside, officers discovered an unused syringe and two mystery vials sheathed in white tissue.

Caines received a citation due to the windshield’s tint and is now facing a slew of charges. These include intentions of narcotics distribution, marijuana distribution, and having drug-related apparatus. A notable aspect of his apprehension was its proximity to a place of worship, which adds an extra charge for having illicit drugs with distributive intent within 1,000 feet of a church.

During a subsequent Monday court session, Magistrate Simone VanHolten-Turnbull recognized ample evidence to sustain two charges—controlled substance distribution/possession and possession of medical syringes or related equipment. Pending trial, Caines is set for release once he deposits 10% of his $15,000 bail. He’s mandated to liaise with the probation department biweekly via phone, with movement constraints to the St. Thomas/St. John region. Additionally, he must relinquish his driving license and apprise the court of his residential details.

The next hearing for Maulique Caines is calendared for October 6.

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