St. Thomas Dweller Acknowledges Role in Significant Cocaine Trafficking Incident



ST. THOMAS — Local resident, Yefri Martinez Herrera, aged 30, has tendered a guilty plea in a case revolving around conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine, as unveiled by U.S. Attorney Delia L. Smith.

Court documents disclose that during January 2022, Martinez Herrera played a part in arranging a transaction encompassing 200 kilograms of cocaine, involving individuals who were later unveiled as a confidential informant and an undercover operative from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). By the time February 2, 2022, rolled around, Martinez Herrera had agreed to vend 86 kilograms of cocaine to the undercover DEA representative as a segment of the broader 200-kilogram deal.

Following a meticulous search at Martinez Herrera’s dwelling in Frenchtown, federal authorities unearthed 87 kilograms of cocaine alongside a Glock handgun. Herrera was detained subsequent to agents finding him hidden within a bedroom closet.

The inquiry saw the joint effort of numerous agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigation Air Marine Operations, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, United States Postal Inspection Service, Puerto Rico Police Department, and the Virgin Islands Police Department. Spearheading the prosecution endeavors in this case is Assistant U.S. Attorney Meredith Edwards.

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