St. John’s Westin Resort Scene of Armed Robbery, Prompting Heightened Police Vigilance



ST. JOHN — An armed robbery incident unfolded at St. John’s Westin Resort on Wednesday night, triggering concerns among locals and visitors amidst a reported rise in such brazen criminal activities on the island.

As per the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) report, the event transpired around 9:44 p.m. when guests were alighting from a vehicle, only to be interrupted by another vehicle blocking the road.

Emerging from the obstructing vehicle, three armed males confronted the driver and the passengers, demanding their belongings. Having accomplished their nefarious deed, the culprits vanished from the site in an unknown direction.

Reacting to this episode and a series of related crimes recently, St. Thomas/St. John’s Chief Steven Phillip conveyed a sense of urgency and assurance addressing the issue.

Chief Phillip confirmed the execution of a strategic plan aimed at curbing the ongoing robbery spree. “We’ve broadened our patrol operations to ensure enhanced visibility,” he stated, delivering a firm message to the residents: “These acts that instill fear within our community won’t be tolerated; the VIPD is dedicated to eliminating such threats posed by these criminals.”

The investigation has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau, with the VIPD earnestly soliciting any information that could aid in resolving this case. Individuals with insights or information regarding the incident are urged to reach out to 911, the Criminal Investigation Bureau at 340-693-8880 ext. 5207, or Crime Stoppers V.I. through their online portal.

In a separate incident last Friday, Coral Bay restaurant in St. John was the locale of another armed robbery, as confirmed by the V.I. Police Department. The crime reportedly occurred at 1 a.m. with two customers present.

Three armed males invaded the establishment, demanding money from the patrons. Upon receiving the cash, they swiftly exited the premises, their departure direction remaining unclear.

Fortunately, the event concluded with no reported injuries.

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