St. John Assault Under VIPD’s Microscope: Multiple Attackers Involved



ST. JOHN – A violent incident involving multiple attackers on St. John is under intensive scrutiny by the V.I. Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). The assault, which took place in the vicinity of Jacob’s Ladder during the early hours of Sunday, September 3, is now the focal point of an ongoing probe.

Responding to a call around 1:02 a.m., officers from the Leander Jurgen Command were initially under the impression that they were attending to a hit-and-run accident. The call was based on reports that a man seemed to have been hit by a vehicle in the area.

However, the scene painted a different, more concerning picture. When officers reached the location, they found a Caucasian man, noticeably injured with signs suggesting a violent physical confrontation. The man had suffered injuries at the hands of several individuals. Witnesses and on-site evidence point to an organized group assault rather than a random accident.

The victim was swiftly transferred to the Schneider Regional Medical Center, where he received medical attention for the multiple wounds inflicted upon him.

While the motive and the specifics of the incident are still under wraps, the Criminal Investigation Bureau has taken charge of the inquiry. Their focus will be to piece together the events leading up to the assault, identify the attackers, and ensure they are brought to justice.

Authorities are making a concerted appeal to the public. Anyone possessing information that might shed light on this incident is urged to step forward. Tips or leads can be relayed to 911 or directly to the Criminal Investigation Bureau at (340) 693-8880 ext. 5207. For those who wish to remain anonymous, they can also reach out to Crime Stoppers V.I. at 1(800) 222-TIPS. Cooperation from the community is crucial, not only for the resolution of this case but also to prevent such incidents from recurring and ensuring the safety and security of St. John residents.

As USVI News will continue to track this story, ensuring our readers receive accurate, timely updates is a commitment. Public safety remains paramount, and keeping the community informed is an integral part of that endeavor.

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