St. Croix Domestic Assault Case: Woman Reports Strangulation Incident with Child Present



ST. CROIX — Charges of domestic violence have been filed against a man following accusations by his ex-girlfriend who alleges he choked her beside their infant son.

As per court records, on the afternoon of October 6, a woman approached the Wilbur H. Francis Command police station, recounting an assault by her ex-boyfriend from a few days prior.

The woman described checking her phone on the said morning and discovering several missed calls from Earl Andre. Upon returning the call, she was instantly accused by Andre of infidelity. Although Andre invited her over, she declined the offer.

Later, a knock on her door revealed her ex-boyfriend. She admitted Andre into her home but avoided conversation, instead busying herself with preparing to leave with her infant. She explained that Andre positioned himself to obstruct her movements, disregarding her requests for him to move.

The situation escalated when she pushed Andre aside, triggering him to lunge at her, seize her by the throat and force her onto the bed. Andre allegedly tightened his grip around her throat, threatening to end her life in the presence of their child, who was nearby on the bed. Feeling breathless, the woman attempted to pry Andre’s hands off her throat to alleviate the pressure.

She narrated that Andre momentarily let go, retreated to the living room, only to return demanding some clothes he had left behind. Unpleased with her response, he allegedly assaulted her again, this time applying a firmer grip around her throat and pressing his thumb against her trachea, causing her to faint.

The woman divulged that this wasn’t the initial instance of assault by Andre, showing the officers a bruise on her thigh from a previous altercation. Her delay in reporting was attributed to fear for her and her family’s safety, especially after receiving threats from Andre. His ongoing harassment and mockery on social media post-incident propelled her to report to the authorities.

On October 8, police apprehended Andre on unrelated matters. At the station, he was briefed on the complaint against him. He provided a video statement which, for the most part, affirmed the woman’s narrative. Consequently, Andre was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, simple assault and battery, and disturbance of the peace by fighting under domestic violence laws.

As of the last update, the findings from Andre’s advice of rights hearing, conducted on the subsequent Monday, haven’t been disclosed by the court. Online court data reveals that Magistrate Ernest Morris Jr. ordered Andre’s release on a $101 cash bail pending trial, although the schedule for his next court appearance remains unpublished.

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