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J. Benton Construction Celebrates Over a Decade of Dedication to Safety During Construction Safety Week 2024



J. Benton Construction, a prominent leader in construction safety and innovation, is celebrating its 11th year of active participation in Construction Safety Week, observed from May 6-10, 2024, on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. This year’s theme, “Value Every Voice,” underscores J. Benton’s commitment to fostering a safety-first culture on all its projects.

Throughout the week, J. Benton Construction conducted numerous “Toolbox Talks” across its various job sites, including the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute Interior Renovations at the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital on St. Thomas and the Walter I.M. Hodge Redevelopment on St. Croix. These sessions, which aligned with this year’s theme, concluded with quizzes and gift card awards to engage and reward staff for their safety knowledge and active participation.

Emphasizing safety and readiness, J. Benton implemented emergency evacuation drills at job sites territory-wide, including office staff, to ensure comprehensive preparedness across all levels of the company, according to a release issued Thursday.

In addition to these safety initiatives, J. Benton Construction showed appreciation for its team’s dedication to maintaining high safety standards by providing catered lunches throughout the week and distributing exclusive JBC-branded merchandise.

Construction Safety Week 2024 aims to empower individuals at all levels of a project to speak up and contribute to safety practices, striving for zero incidents and ensuring that every worker returns home safely each day.

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