Governor Bryan Advocates for $25M Wage Settlement and Budget Reassignment



Governor Albert Bryan, in a recent move, introduced a supplementary budget proposal to the 35th Legislature. This proposal primarily focuses on reallocating resources initially meant for the FY2023 capital projects of the Public Finance Authority.

Government House sources highlight the core of this financial restructuring: a hefty $25 million allocation from the General Fund. This is slated to address the outstanding wages for both existing and past government workers of the Virgin Islands.

Furthermore, the Office of Veterans Affairs stands to receive an allocation of $118,800. This particular budget is set aside to offset additional expenses linked to the St. Croix crypts. Meanwhile, the V.I. Department of Public Works is set to benefit from a $5 million grant from the Transportation Trust Fund. This boost is primarily aimed at several vital road maintenance projects.

The supplementary budget shines a light on another essential feature: fund reallocation detailed in Act No. 8617. This adjustment chiefly targets the construction of crypts and columbarium in St. Croix. A salient point to note is the government’s unwavering determination to settle the lingering retroactive wages for its entire workforce, spanning active, separated, and retired members, as underscored by the administration.

Yet another revision touches upon the $300,000 allocation via Act. No. 8448. Initially destined for the Kings Alley pier in Christiansted, St. Croix, this fund will witness a division. A chunk, precisely $100,000, will now bolster the Department of Planning and Natural Resources’ Division of Libraries and Museums. At the same time, the Hull Bay Boat Ramp and its parking upgrade project will gain from the redirected balance of $200,000.

To round off these financial adjustments, Act. No. 8640 will see a change, endorsing the disbursement of $5 million from the Transportation Trust Fund towards the Department of Public Works. This earmarked budget is bound to facilitate essential road upgrades. Two projects that will notably stand to benefit include St. Croix’s Mahogany Road initiative and the repairs planned for the Estate Nazareth and Estate Bovoni Roads.

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