Golden Rock Double Shooting: One Fatality and Another Wounded



ST. CROIX – The quietude of the Golden Rock neighborhood was disrupted late Saturday evening when a violent episode occurred at the G-Max Service Station.

Around 11:54 p.m., the community’s peace was shattered by the unmistakable echo of gunshots. The 911 Emergency Call Center, aided by the advanced Shotspotter system, immediately identified the location of the disturbance. No sooner had the system flagged the incident, than another call about a potential gunshot victim at the very same spot followed.

Upon reaching the scene, the police officers were confronted with a somber situation. Lying motionless was an African American male, who despite valiant efforts, could not be resuscitated. EMS personnel officially pronounced him dead shortly after midnight.

Initial investigations revealed that the deceased was Steadroy James, a 33-year-old local, whose identity was confirmed by his grieving father. He had been struck by several bullets. Forensic specialists were on-site in the wee hours of Saturday to methodically gather evidence.

In a possibly related turn of events, while backup police teams were speeding to the G-Max Service Station, another call about a gunshot victim, this time near JFK, was reported to the 911 Emergency Call Center. Racing to this secondary scene, officers not only found another injured individual with wounds to his arm and abdomen but also a firearm in the vicinity. Police sources indicate that this injured person was traveling with Mr. James at the time of the incident.

Juan F. Luis Hospital now cares for the injured individual, his condition still under wraps. Meanwhile, the V.I. Department of Justice has assumed responsibility for Mr. James’s remains, with an autopsy forthcoming.

The rationale behind this devastating event remains shrouded in mystery. The local police are ardently appealing to the public, hoping someone might provide the missing pieces of this dark puzzle. As they untangle the threads of this case, any bit of information could prove invaluable.

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