Felony Charges for Man Accused of Endangering Officers at Crime Scene



In a startling incident on St. Croix, James Thomas faces serious felony charges following his attempt to drive through an active crime scene, narrowly missing several police officers. This alarming event unfolded before dawn on December 2, as officers responded to reports of gunfire on Prince Street, Christiansted.

Responding to the scene, officers discovered evidence of the shooting, including shell casings on the road, and swiftly began securing the area. It was during this critical moment that they encountered Thomas, preparing to drive his vehicle directly through the crime scene. Despite an officer’s instruction to take an alternate route, Thomas insisted on driving forward, disregarding the warning of the ongoing investigation ahead.

The situation escalated as Thomas, using offensive language, engaged in a heated argument with the officer. He also revealed that his car was not legally compliant and refused to provide his license or other vehicle documents. Defiantly, Thomas entered his car, locked himself in, and drove toward an officer and a forensic technician who were examining the scene. The two narrowly escaped injury as they dodged the approaching vehicle, which was only halted by a strategically placed police cruiser blocking the road.

Refusing to exit his vehicle, Thomas claimed it could not reverse. However, he was eventually apprehended and faced resistance from police when exiting his green Toyota Tundra.

Thomas now faces multiple charges, including third-degree assault, aggravated assault and battery, and resisting an officer. During his advice of rights hearing, presided over by Magistrate Yolan Brow Ross, a cash bail component of $500 was set. The full details of this hearing are yet to be disclosed to the public.

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