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Education Operations Update for the U.S. Virgin Islands



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The Department of Education for the U.S. Virgin Islands has announced operational updates for public schools across the St. Thomas-St. John and St. Croix Districts, outlining the current status and modifications to operations.

Schools within the St. Thomas-St. John District remain steadfast in their commitment to education, with no alterations to their regular schedules. This ensures that all public schools in the district will persist in providing uninterrupted educational services to students.

In contrast, the St. Croix District has shared several important updates regarding the resumption of in-person learning. Schools that have returned to their normal schedules include:

  • For grades PreK-6: Ricardo Richards, Lew Muckle, Claude O. Markoe, and Alfredo Andrews.
  • For grades PreK-8: Juanita Gardine and Eulalie Rivera.
  • St. Croix Central High School.
  • St. Croix Educational Complex High School.
  • St. Croix Alternative Education.

Notably, John H. Woodson Jr. High School will transition to virtual learning on Friday, February 9, with plans to reopen the school campus on Monday, February 12, 2024. Likewise, Pearl B. Larsen PreK-8 School will adopt a virtual learning format on the same day due to unforeseen circumstances.

A recent incident at Pearl B. Larsen PreK-8 School involved an electrical fire that occurred on Wednesday evening, February 8. The fire, which originated in the school’s administrative office, was swiftly managed by the dedicated team from the Virgin Islands Fire and Emergency Medical Services (VIFEMS), ensuring no harm to students, faculty, or staff, all of whom were away from the premises.

The fire was triggered by a combination of heavy rainfall leading to water leakage near an AC duct, coupled with sporadic power outages, ultimately causing an electrical short in the appliance. VIFEMS has determined the cause of the fire to be accidental.

To guarantee a safe and conducive learning environment, the Pearl B. Larsen School will undergo a meticulous cleaning process to eliminate the residual smoke odor, necessitating the temporary shift to virtual learning on Friday, February 9.

The Department of Education is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and staff while minimizing disruptions to the educational process. These operational adjustments reflect the department’s dedication to maintaining a high standard of education across the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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USVI Community Pulse

A Culinary Celebration for a Cause: UVI’s Afternoon on the Green



The University of the Virgin Islands announces the return of its cherished annual fundraiser, “Afternoon on the Green,” set against the picturesque backdrop of the Herman E. Moore Golf Course in St. Thomas. This hallmark event, scheduled for March 17 from noon to 5:00 p.m., is themed “Fusion of Flavors to Savor and Explore.” It extends an open invitation to the island’s gastronomic talents to showcase their finest creations, all in support of a worthy cause. Proceeds will benefit the Edward Thomas Volunteer Scholarship Fund, aimed at assisting local students who are dedicated to community service.

Event Planning Committee Chair, Dr. Kyza A. Callwood, is thrilled about the community’s engagement. “Afternoon on the Green represents a prime opportunity for community members to engage in a meaningful cause, enhancing student lives through their participation. The overwhelming support from sponsors, volunteers, and culinary participants plays a pivotal role in the event’s enduring success,” he remarked.

In tribute to Edward Thomas, Sr., a venerated local entrepreneur and former Chair of the UVI Research & Technology Park Board, the scholarship fund named in his honor annually awards scholarships to two meritorious St. Thomas high school seniors seeking to further their education at UVI.

This year, the event is casting a wide net, inviting eateries, catering services, culinary professionals, and amateur chefs alike to donate their signature dishes, sweets, and traditional beverages. A highlight of the event will be the culinary contest, where the most favored entries in various categories will win prizes, including a portable MiFi device and a year of service courtesy of VIYA for the top honoree. Moreover, all contributing chefs will receive an Afternoon on the Green apron in recognition of their valuable contribution. The deadline to sign up as a cook is March 13.

Beyond the gastronomic delights, attendees can anticipate an array of live entertainment featuring RVP Band and Shaw HP, as well as cultural exhibits and educational showcases. The day will also offer a plethora of family-oriented activities, such as face painting, Carnival costume crafting, and traditional games. This year introduces a new best-dressed and best hat contest to the mix, promising additional excitement. “We eagerly await the community’s presence. And remember, it’s also St. Patrick’s Day, so wearing green is part of the fun,” added Dr. Callwood.

With generous backing from sponsors like VIYA, VI Council on the Arts, and Firstbank, the event is set to be a day of joy, unity, and philanthropy.

Those interested in participating as a cook, volunteering, or entering the best-dressed and hat competition are encouraged to visit or contact (340) 693-1047 for more information. It’s important to note that vending is not permitted during the event, which is focused on fostering community support and generosity.

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USVI Community Pulse

St. Thomas Native Major General Jeth Rey Honored at Prestigious Black Engineer Awards



At the 38th annual Becoming Everything You Are (BEYA) conference, celebrated in Baltimore, Maryland, Major General Jeth Rey, a distinguished figure within the Army Futures Command as the director of the Network Cross Functional Team, was honored with the 2024 Army Stars and Stripes award. This accolade is part of the conference, also known as the Black Engineer of the Year Awards, which is dedicated annually to recognizing excellence in Army engineering.

Originating from St. Thomas, MG Rey embarked on his illustrious Army career in 1983, initially enlisting as a Signal Soldier. His journey through military education is notable, first as an honor graduate from the Warrant Officer Candidate School in 1994, followed by his achievement as the Distinguished Honor Graduate from the Army’s Officer Candidate School in 1996. This path led him back to the Army Signal Corps, where his military career commenced.

Reflecting on his ascent through the ranks, MG Rey shared, “As a teenager, I was determined to shape my future. Engaging with the Navy JROTC before joining the Army, I was inspired by the ethos ‘Be all you can be.’ This mantra fueled my ambition over four decades, allowing me to pursue higher education, acquire specialized skills, and ascend to senior leadership roles.”

MG Rey’s academic accomplishments are as impressive as his military service, having earned three master’s degrees in telecommunications management and national security studies from the U.S. Naval War College, and in strategic studies from the U.S. Army War College.

Following his award recognition at the BEYA conference on February 16, MG Rey expressed his gratitude and optimism for future generations. “The Army has opened a world of endless possibilities for me, and I firmly believe that today’s youth are positioned to seize even greater opportunities within the military. It’s a privilege to engage with young individuals eager to make a meaningful impact,” he stated.

The BEYA conference serves not only as a platform to honor distinguished individuals like MG Rey but also plays a crucial role in the Army’s outreach initiatives. These efforts are aimed at enhancing recruitment by attracting students with interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to explore career paths in the Army, whether in uniform or civilian roles.

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USVI Community Pulse

“Muffins with Mom” Event at St. Croix Educational Complex Strengthens Family Ties



The St. Croix Educational Complex was abuzz with the spirit of family unity on February 14, as it hosted the heartfelt “Muffins with Mom” celebration. Mothers, students, PTA organizers, and school staff came together for an early morning gathering, blending the joy of shared meals with the strengthening of parent-student connections.

Between 7:00 and 7:40 a.m., the event offered a delightful breakfast of muffins and bush tea, creating an inviting atmosphere that fostered warmth and camaraderie among the attendees.

The air was filled with the soothing sounds of Gyasi Clarke, a gifted guitarist, whose music invited attendees to join in singing, further enhancing the celebratory mood. This musical interlude provided a perfect opportunity for mothers, students, and staff to immortalize the moment with photographs, capturing the essence of the occasion.

Under the leadership of Dynel Lang, the PTA president, the event highlighted the vital role of the Parent-Teacher Association in nurturing a sense of community within the school. A standout moment was the delivery of “A Nosey Poem” by faculty member Emmanuel, which cleverly used the acronym NOSEY to outline the key attributes parents need while guiding their teenagers—nurturing, observant, selfless, engaged, and youthful in spirit.

This special gathering did more than just celebrate the unique bond between mothers and their children; it underscored the critical role of parental involvement in the educational paths of the students, reinforcing the value of engagement and support within the school community.

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