Community Mourns as St. Croix Elderly Resident Dies in Heartbreaking Accident



The island of St. Croix is shrouded in mourning after the V.I. Police Department confirmed a deeply saddening incident that occurred this Wednesday.

At around 10:19 a.m., officers from the Wilbur Francis Command Patrol rushed to a distress call in Estate Little Fountain.

The scene they encountered was profoundly distressing. A 71-year-old man lay unresponsive in a driveway, having sustained critical injuries. An initial investigation unfolded a tragic narrative. The elderly man, later identified by family as Mr. Terry Stephen Watson, had endeavored to halt a vehicle inadvertently rolling downhill. In a devastating turn, the vehicle overpowered Mr. Watson, causing lethal injuries.

Updates regarding the ongoing investigation and any subsequent developments will be communicated as they emerge.

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