Civilian Injured in Crossfire During Police Operation in Oswald Harris Court



ST. THOMAS — A tumultuous incident unfolded at Oswald Harris Court this past Saturday night. Reports confirm that an unidentified group in a Black Acura RDX targeted and fired upon police officers during their operation. Tragically, amidst the chaos, an uninvolved bystander suffered a gunshot injury to their foot.

The event commenced earlier that evening when the V.I. Police Department’s Patrol Division was alerted to a situation in Lockhart Gardens. Eyewitnesses reported the driver of the same Acura RDX brandishing a firearm menacingly at a local woman. Acting swiftly on this tip, the officers broadened their search, scouring nearby areas in a bid to trace the suspicious vehicle.

Around 11:00 p.m., officers located the vehicle within Oswald Harris Court. However, before they could fully assess the situation or approach the car, they were greeted with gunshots. Amidst the gunfire, an unsuspecting civilian, who was unfortunately in the vicinity, got caught in the crossfire. The injured person was immediately attended to and transferred to Schnieder Regional Medical Center for necessary medical attention.

The culprits behind this reckless act remain unidentified. Details about them, including their ages and residence, are yet to be revealed. Once apprehended, they are likely to face charges of third-degree assault and reckless endangerment. The bail, however, remains undecided at the moment.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau is currently taking the lead in probing the unsettling episode. They implore community members who may possess any relevant information to come forward. Those wishing to aid the investigation can reach out via several channels: by dialing 911, contacting the Criminal Investigation Bureau, liaising directly with the Chief’s Office, or getting in touch with Detective Y. Loblack at 340-774-2211 ext. 5573. For those who prioritize their privacy, an anonymous tip can be submitted through Crime Stoppers USVI at this link.

Authorities are resolute in their pursuit of justice and are making every effort to ensure the safety of St. Thomas residents. Community members are encouraged to remain vigilant and collaborative during these challenging times.

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