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Celebrating Legacies: Proposals to Honor Ralph deChabert and Melbourne Clark in the USVI



The US Virgin Islands’ Committee on Government Operations, Veterans Affairs & Consumer Protection recently deliberated on two separate proposals, aiming to commemorate the noteworthy contributions of distinguished Virgin Islanders, Ralph deChabert and the late Melbourne Clark.

Dr. Ralph deChabert, renowned for his substantial contributions to the medical and civic realms, is being spotlighted in Bill 35-0102, with a proposition to dedicate the maternity services unit at Juan F. Louis Hospital North to his name. Testimonials highlighted his lifelong dedication to St. Croix, portraying him as a silent force with substantial influence and passion for the advancement of medicine in the territory. Dr. deChabert, often the sole trained obstetrician available on St. Croix, played pivotal roles in initiating crucial healthcare services and ensuring the safety and well-being of many during times of crisis, such as Hurricane Hugo.

Melbourne Clark, recognized through Bill 35-0125, is lauded for his unwavering service to law enforcement in the Virgin Islands. The proposed bill seeks to name Route 669 on St. Croix as Police Lieutenant Melbourne Clark Drive, celebrating his disciplined approach to maintaining law and order on the highways and his respected stature as a knowledgeable and attentive commander. Stories of his principled stance against traffic violations, contributing to public safety, have become part of local lore, illustrating his commitment to duty and his professional integrity.

These individuals’ remarkable journeys were recounted with warmth and respect, painting pictures of dedication, resilience, and impactful service to the Virgin Island communities. The committee members unanimously approved the proposals to honor these eminent personalities, sealing their legacies in the history of the Virgin Islands.

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