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Biden Dominates U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Caucus



President Joe Biden secured a decisive victory in the U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Caucus held last Saturday, garnering an overwhelming 99.006% of the vote. Challenger Marianne Williamson received a mere 0.004%, according to the final tally released by the U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Party.

This year’s caucus not only determined the presidential nominee but also selected delegates for the Democratic National Convention scheduled in Chicago, Illinois. Stedmann Hodge, Jr., State Chair of the U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Party, highlighted the caucus’s significance in representing the Virgin Islands at a national level.

Under the unique caucus system employed by the USVI, voters chose six delegates—three male and three female—by preference. The male delegates from St. Croix include Robert Rios and John Gumbs, with Yvette Edwards representing the female delegate. Carolynn Burke serves as the alternate after Cecil Benjamin, who finished third in the vote count.

Delegates from the St. Thomas/St. John district were also selected during the caucus. Kyza Callwood and Kevin Rodriquez will serve as male delegates, while Delekah Callwood and Barbara Petersen were chosen as female delegates. Riise Richards will serve as an alternate.

These elected delegates will join the territory’s automatic delegates—comprising the Governor, Delegate to Congress, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, State Chair, and Vice Chair—in representing the USVI at the Democratic National Convention.

A total of 13 delegates from the USVI will participate in the DNC Roll Call, contributing to the nomination of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for a second term. The caucus underscores the USVI’s crucial role in the national election process, where even a small delegation can make a significant impact.

The USVI Democratic Party successfully met the required threshold with 467 votes cast for Biden, solidifying his support within the territory.

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USVI Senate, Party Offices, and Constitutional Convention Contenders Unveiled



The Elections System of the Virgin Islands has published the official roster of candidates vying for public and party offices in the forthcoming 2024 elections. This roster encompasses aspirants from the St. Croix and St. Thomas-St. John districts, along with those seeking positions in the Sixth Constitutional Convention.

St. Croix Candidates for Public Office

St. Thomas-St. John Candidates for Public Office

St. Croix Candidates for Sixth Constitutional Convention

St. Thomas Candidates for Sixth Constitutional Convention

The comprehensive list of candidates highlights a diverse array of individuals committed to contributing to the governance of the Virgin Islands. This election cycle is expected to be particularly significant, as both new and incumbent candidates compete to influence the territory’s future direction and policies.

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Frett-Gregory Announces She Won’t Run for Re-election in 36th Legislature



Senator Donna Frett-Gregory has announced she will not seek re-election in the 36th Legislature. On Tuesday, the lawmaker revealed her decision not to run in the upcoming November elections.

This announcement makes Frett-Gregory the second member of the 35th Legislature to opt out of re-election. In March, Senator Javan James decided to leave elective politics to further his education.

Frett-Gregory disclosed her decision during a Committee on Budget, Appropriations, and Finance meeting, which she chairs. “I came to this decision after careful reflection and discussion with family members, friends, supporters, and constituents,” she stated. Her decision follows over thirty years of public service, including six years in the Legislature. “I know that now, I am ready to write a new chapter,” she added.

Even after her term ends in January 2025, Frett-Gregory intends to continue advocating for important causes. She has committed to being a “voice for accountability” and plans to remain active in public service. The Consortium has learned of her intention to run for governor in 2026, though she has not publicly confirmed this.

Known for her focus on financial issues, Frett-Gregory assured she will continue serving the people of the Virgin Islands in a different capacity. She plans to spend more time with her elderly mother and leverage her foundation to further contribute to society. “I am not leaving the people of the Virgin Islands,” she emphasized, addressing rumors about her potential gubernatorial bid.

Reflecting on her legislative tenure, Frett-Gregory expressed satisfaction with her accomplishments. She highlighted her involvement in creating a sustainable funding source for the Government Employees’ Retirement System, supporting victims’ rights, and securing funding for the Water and Power Authority, while insisting on oversight.

Senator Ray Fonseca praised Frett-Gregory’s “unique combination of skills and experiences,” calling them “extremely rare in the Virgin Islands.”

Frett-Gregory will continue to lead the 35th Legislature’s Budget, Appropriations, and Finance Committee through the upcoming budget cycle.

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