Alert Issued for Coastal Hazards in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands



The National Weather Service has sounded the alarm for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, warning of coastal and marine dangers set to impact the areas from April 9 to April 13. The advisories underscore the risks of tumultuous seas and vigorous winds that could challenge the safety of those on small vessels and individuals planning to visit the beaches.

During the interval from Tuesday to Friday, the seas are anticipated to swell to heights of 8 feet, with the force of the waves reaching similar peaks. Winds are expected to surge, blowing steadily at speeds of 15 to 20 knots and gusting up to 30 knots. A marginal easing is predicted by Saturday, with sea levels possibly reducing to 7 feet and wave heights to 5 feet, while winds could maintain their intensity but with gusts slightly decreasing to 25 knots.

The current maritime forecast has initiated advisories for hazardous seas for small crafts, which could extend over the week, alongside a pronounced warning of high-risk rip currents. These currents are deemed perilous, capable of overpowering even adept swimmers and making it difficult for them to safely return to shore.

The tumultuous conditions are a result of northerly swells paired with moderate to locally intense trade winds. The anticipated hazardous seas are set to affect the offshore Atlantic waters by Tuesday evening, progressively reaching the northern coastal waters of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, encompassing the Mona and Anegada Passages, by Wednesday. Although advisories for small crafts are in effect until late Thursday night, the expectation is for these challenging conditions to linger into the weekend.

The onset of life-threatening rip currents is also forecasted, starting from northern Puerto Rico by Tuesday evening and expanding to western Puerto Rico, Culebra, and the northern reaches of the USVI by Wednesday. The high risk associated with these rip currents is projected to last until late Thursday night, with a continuation of the hazardous conditions likely through the weekend. Wednesday could also see heightened surf conditions.

The National Weather Service cautions against the potential repercussions, which span hazardous seas for small crafts, rip currents with the power to drag swimmers into deeper waters, perilous surf and swimming conditions, and the risk of localized coastal flooding and beach erosion. It’s crucial for both residents and visitors to heed these warnings, remain vigilant, and stay updated on weather developments throughout this period.

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