Accused Stabber from 2020 Incident Returns to St. Croix, Faces $250,000 Bail



ST. CROIX – The V.I. Police Department confirmed the extradition and subsequent arrest of Roberto Marrero, 38, in connection with a 2020 stabbing episode. Marrero, once on the run and later detained in Georgia for unrelated charges, was brought back to St. Croix on Saturday to face the consequences of his alleged violent act.

The event in question unfolded on December 27, 2020, at Aqua Lounge Nite Club, situated on Castle Coakley Road. VIPD officers, responding to the incident, encountered a victim bearing multiple stab injuries. The ensuing probe by the Criminal Investigation Bureau revealed Marrero’s involvement.

The confrontation allegedly stemmed from a verbal disagreement between Marrero and the victim. As tensions rose, Marrero is believed to have assaulted the victim with a knife multiple times. He hastily vacated the crime scene and subsequently departed from St. Croix, evading capture.

Legal proceedings accelerated when a V.I. Superior Court magistrate judge issued an arrest warrant on June 22, 2022. This warrant was registered within the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), a pivotal database designed to catalog crime data. The gears of justice turned in favor of the V.I. Police Department when an NCIC verification on August 2, 2023, pinpointed Marrero’s presence in Georgia and his outstanding warrant in St. Croix related to the stabbing.

Opting not to contest the extradition process, Marrero found himself transported back to the island he once fled. Upon his touchdown in St. Croix, local law enforcement officers arrested and processed him. The steep bail, set at $250,000, remained unpaid, necessitating Marrero’s relocation to the John Bell Correctional Facility. The next chapter in this judicial saga will unfold at the Superior Court during Marrero’s scheduled Advice of Rights Hearing on Monday.

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