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Woman Who Assaulted Ex-Boyfriend and Officer Allowed to Return to FL Where Her Husband Will be Third-Party Custodian

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ST. CROIX — A Florida woman will be allowed to return home after being detained for allegedly assaulting her ex-boyfriend and a VIPD officer.

Bobbi Bisnath was arrested last Friday after her ex-boyfriend requested police assistance twice. In the first instance he told the responding officer that Bisnath initially left their home around 4:00 a.m. and took his vehicle without permission. According to his statement to police, she called him several times, venting about being stressed and threatening to take her own life. However, she later arrived home and went to sleep, before leaving the house in the early afternoon, taking his vehicle and credit card without permission. He said he then called Bisnath to ask her to return the vehicle but she did not answer. When he messaged her to warn that he would call the police, she reportedly replied, “just call the police because I’m not coming back home.”

After he contacted police, officers were able to locate Bisnath and the man was transported to her location to retrieve his vehicle. He declined to press charges, telling police that he just wanted to make sure that Bisnath was safe. According to the fact sheet, the man then left with Bisnath who appeared highly intoxicated. However, around 4:00 p.m., he requested police assistance once more, reporting that she was being extremely aggressive towards him after refusing to exit the vehicle once they returned home. He claimed that she struck him to the head with her fist while he attempted to assist her after she fell out of the vehicle.

The responding officer advised Bisnath of her rights and placed her under arrest. Police say while she was being transported to the station, Bisnath requested to phone her 14-year-old daughter. She then began causing a scene, swearing on the phone. While at the police station, Bisnath allegedly made several threats towards officers, stating that she would kill them. She was described as being ‘belligerent’, repeatedly swearing at officers and refusing to adhere to their orders to calm down. According to the probable cause fact sheet, Bisnath also kicked backwards at the escorting officer, striking the woman to the upper thigh. She was later held at the Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility after being charged with simple assault and battery, unauthorized use of a vehicle and aggravated assault and battery upon an officer.

At her advisement hearing on Monday, attorney Katherine Slade requested that she be released on $1,000 bail and be allowed to return to Tampa Florida. Slade explained that the defendant has only been in St. Croix for two months and she and her minor daughter do not have another place to stay on island. However, appearing for the people, Amie Simpson revealed that Bisnath has several probation violations and expressed concern that she will not follow up and appear for court proceedings if she is allowed to leave.

Bisnath’s bail was set at $1,000 cash after her attorney contacted her husband who agreed to serve as her third-party custodian in Florida. Bisnath will be permitted to return to the mainland with her daughter after she has completed a waiver of extradition. She has been ordered to maintain a distance of at least 1000 feet from her ex-boyfriend and will be granted one opportunity to retrieve her belongings from his residence under police escort.

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