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Woman Suffers Broken Wrist, Injuries in Ears, Neck and Face After Vicious Assault by Boyfriend, Police Report Says

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ST. THOMAS — A woman was left nursing severe injuries including a broken wrist, abrasions to her face, deafness in her ears among other wounds after sustaining a vicious attack from her boyfriend, according to court documents.

Javier Lima was arrested on December 5 in connection with the incident and was charged with second-degree assault, third-degree assault, simple assault and disturbance of the peace, all acts of domestic violence. He was in court on Monday to face charges.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, on November 29 police were notified of a woman who went to the Schneider Regional Medical Center after allegedly being attacked by her boyfriend. At the time, the woman told police that she was at home that day watching Netflix when Lima entered the residence yelling at her, stating that his friend told him that she was having an affair.

While the woman told police part of what had occurred on Nov. 29, it was on Dec. 1 that she provided investigators with a full statement, according to court documents.

The woman met with police on Dec. 1 and requested assistance with filing a restraining order against Lima. She told police that on November 29 she was at a beach when she received a phone call from Lima who asked whether she was on her way home. She told him yes and headed home, however when she arrived at the residence Lima was not present.

The woman said that while she was watching Netflix, Lima, who had returned to the residence, rushed into the bedroom and started yelling that his friend had told him that she was cheating on him. He then pushed her around and punched her repeatedly in the face and on her body, according to court documents. The victim repeatedly denied the allegation, telling Lima she had nothing to hide.

Lima then grabbed the woman’s cell phone and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. When he returned from the bathroom an argument commenced and he continued assaulting his girlfriend in the face and ears.

Lima then left the house and returned about 30 minutes later and continued arguing with the victim.

According to court documents, Lima then strangled the victim while she was on a bed by using both of his hands to squeeze her neck, making it difficult to breathe. She tried to push her hands and fingers against him to force him away, and when she escaped he began striking her multiple times with a fanny pack, causing multiple abrasions.

Lima then attempted to punch the woman in her stomach so she used her right hand to block the punches. He continued to punch her on her hand until the victim’s hand began hurting profusely, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

Court documents further stated that when Lima eventually left the house for a second time, the woman took the opportunity to flee the residence and traveled to the Schneider Regional Medical Center’s emergency room.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, Lima came to the hospital and asked the victim why she was present at the medical facility. He then drove around the parking lot while the victim was in the emergency room.

Police observed that the victim had a large contusion above her left eye and her eyes were very dark. She said she was having difficulty hearing in both ears and described the pain as a sensation similar to when water enters one’s ears. She stressed that the pain in her ears was excruciating.

There were also multiple marks on the victim’s face and neck. Photographs provided by crime scene technicians showed that there was trauma to the victim’s neck and an x-ray indicated that she had a broken right wrist.

Police contacted Lima on December 1 and he was told that they needed to speak with him. He told police that he would make contact with his attorney. Police then told Lima that the victim needed a change of clothes and her cell phone and that she would not be returning to the residence. He agreed to meet with police to hand over the victim’s cell phone.

On December 2, he was present at the Domestic Violence Unit with his attorney and refused to provide a statement on the matter. He turned himself over to police on December 5 and was placed under arrest.

In court on Monday, a judge ruled that Lima would be released if he was able to post 10 percent of his $50,000 bail in cash, while the remainder would be posted in the form of an unsecured bond.

Lima has been barred from leaving the St. Thomas- St. John District without the court’s written permission, and he must report to the Office of Probation once a week. He was also ordered to have no contact, directly or indirectly with the victim and must maintain a minimum distance of at least 50 ft away from her. His next court appearance has been set for December 30, 2022.

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