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Woman Ravages Home of Ex-Boyfriend, Threatens New Girlfriend, Police Report Says

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ST. THOMAS — A woman appeared before the V.I. Superior Court on Monday to face charges after police say she broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home and destroyed valuable items.

Data Fanti was arrested and charged on January 6 with second-degree burglary as an act of domestic violence, destruction of property as an act of domestic violence and disturbance of the peace.

Her arrest follows a report by a man who told police that on January 6 he left his residence locked and secured with his current girlfriend inside his bedroom, only to be approached by Data Fanti — his ex-girlfriend following a relationship of 15 years — outside his home and asking that he open the front door.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, Fanti asked him to remove his girlfriend from the residence. He told her “no” and left for work.

Later, the man received a hysterical phone call from his new girlfriend saying that Fanti had broken into the residence and was destroying items inside. The complainant said he left work and traveled back to the residence where he discovered that Fanti had entered the residence and thrown multiple items from the kitchen into the bedroom where the man’s girlfriend was lying down.

According to documents before the court, Fanti threw the man’s computer into the roadway, destroying it. Fanti also took the girlfriend’s purse and threw its contents into the roadway.

Police made contact with Fanti who said that she had gone to the residence to speak with her ex’s new girlfriend. She said further that the man had been parading his new girlfriend in front of her to make sure that they were seen together. She said when she got to the residence, her ex told her that his new girlfriend was inside the residence. According to Fanti, the new girlfriend opened the door and let her in. Fanti further stated that when she got inside she began cursing at both individuals and breaking things because she was upset.

The new girlfriend, however, said that Fanti waited until the complainant had left the residence before entering through a closed door. She said Fanti then came into the bedroom where she was lying down and threw down the fan. Fanti then left the bedroom and went into another room, banged the door and returned to the bedroom, according to the probable cause fact sheet. The new girlfriend said that when Fanti came back to the bedroom she tried to fight with her, went into the kitchen and returned with food and bottles and flung them onto the floor while threatening her.

Police observed multiple items damaged within the home and on the roadway, including a laptop that was broken into several pieces; a backpack on the roadway with female clothes close by, food, broken beer bottles, torn money and water bottles.

Fanti was then placed under arrest.

In court on Monday a judge ruled that Fanti would be released upon the signing of an unsecured bond for the full $1,000. She must report to the Office of Probation every Tuesday and must maintain a minimum distance of at least 1,000 ft away from the complainant. She cannot enter the premises where the incident took place and must have no contact, directly or indirectly with the complainant or any witnesses while the matter is pending.

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