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Woman Hospitalized After Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Kicked Her in the Face, Causing Her to Lose Consciousness

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ST. CROIX — A man appeared before a judge in the V.I. Superior Court on Wednesday to face domestic violence-related assault charges.

Ralph Cook Jr. was arrested and charged on November 8 with second-degree assault as an act of domestic violence, simple assault and battery as an act of domestic violence and petit larceny.

His arrest follows a report of an incident in Strawberry Hill, Christiansted.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, on November 7, the 911 Emergency Call Center requested assistance from the Criminal Investigations Bureau to investigate the matter. Upon their arrival, police made contact with a female victim who had visible red markings to her left eye, a laceration to her nose bridge, a swollen top lip and contusion and scratches to both sides of her neck.

The victim complained of pain to her stomach and her lower back and she was transported to the Juan F. Luis Hospital for her injuries.

During the interview process, the victim stated that Ralph Cook Jr, a man whom she had an intimate relationship with, came to her residence and told her that he was not feeling well and asked if she could come over to his residence. She agreed, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

However, while at Cook’s residence, the victim heard Cook say, “You are going to see, don’t worry. You’re causing harm to yourself.”

Cook allegedly asked the victim about a discussion they had on November 4, asking her why she had asked him about a female friend that he had known for 20 years. She did not respond. Cook asked her a second time and she told him that if he and his female friend had anything, she needed to know, because the woman had lifted her skirt, showing Cook her intimate parts while entering a vehicle.

According to the court documents, Cook laughed and told the victim that what he did with anyone was his business. She said that Cook began commenting on things she had done and how she speaks. He then referred to her children as goats. The victim stated that she in turn told Cook that his children were goats and he became upset and kicked her in the face.

After being kicked in the face, the victim said she saw stars and lost consciousness, because when she opened her eyes Cook was over her with his knees on her inner thighs holding her down, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

He was also strangling her with both hands and she could not breathe, according to court documents. The victim said she tried to push him off but he applied more pressure to her neck.

Cook allegedly made an attempt to stick his finger in her eye but she grabbed his thumb, bent it towards her mouth and bit it. At that point, Cook released her neck. The victim stated that she did not know how she received the other injuries.

The victim said she made an attempt to call the 911 Emergency Call Center but Cook told her that she couldn’t use her phone. He then told her that she would not be going anywhere and he locked the front door to the apartment.

The victim said she then told Cook that he couldn’t keep her against her will. She then asked to use the bathroom to take a shower. During that time, the victim’s daughter called her and she answered the phone. She then used the opportunity to unlock the door and leave Cook’s apartment.

While walking towards the Strawberry entrance, the victim said she saw Cook following her in his vehicle. He told her to get in the vehicle but she refused. He then exited the vehicle, grabbed the victim and told her that she wasn’t using her phone to call anyone, and pulled her cellphone out of her hands. He continued to apply pressure to her arm but she pulled away and walked towards the Barren Spot Village Mall where she received help and called the police.

The victim told police that Cook left the area in his four-door gray Honda Pilot. A search for Cook in the immediate surroundings was unsuccessful. The 911 Emergency Call Center was notified and an All-Points Bulletin was placed on Cook and his vehicle.

On November 8, the Criminal Investigations Bureau contacted Cook at his residence and he was notified of the reason for their presence. Cook said that he would not be traveling to the precinct and declined to provide a statement to police. According to the probable cause fact sheet, all Cook said was that the victim bit him.

Police observed a small red mark on Cook’s right thumb, and he was placed under arrest.

In court on Wednesday, a judge ruled that Cook would be allowed to post $250 cash with the remainder of the $5,000 bail to be posted as an unsecured bond.

He is barred from leaving St. Croix without the court’s written permission and must surrender his passport if he has one, pending trial. He must report to the Office of Probation every Tuesday and is to have no contact, directly or indirectly with the victim or any witnesses in the matter.

Cook must maintain a minimum distance of at least 1,000 ft away from the alleged victim.

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