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Woman Faces Assault Charges After Violent Incident Involving Father of Her Children

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ST. THOMAS — Keneisha Daniel is back in the criminal courts, facing assault charges after a violent incident involving the father of her children.

On March 14, police responded to a disturbance at Anna’s Retreat, where a woman reported witnessing Daniel and the father of her children in a physical altercation in his car. The woman claimed Daniel attacked her, throwing her to the ground and choking her. The father of Daniel’s children intervened, pulling her off his sister.

The man told police that Daniel had called him for a ride, and they began to argue after he picked her up. At one point, Daniel took his keys out of the ignition, and a passerby had to help him retrieve them. After the man left Daniel near Alvin McBean Ballpark, she appeared in his yard, attacking him in his car. A stranger driving by stopped to try to separate them. In the process, Daniel allegedly stabbed the man’s tires and continued to fight with him inside the house before slipping and falling down the stairs.

Daniel was transported to the hospital for treatment and subsequently arrested and charged with simple assault, destruction of property as an act of domestic violence, and disturbance of the peace. After leaving the hospital early the next morning, she was arrested again and additionally charged with escape from the custody of an officer.

Daniel has faced the courts before, with charges dismissed in May 2022 and a pending plea deal from a September 2022 arrest. In the current case, her bail was set at $26,000, with an advice of rights hearing scheduled for March 17, 2023. No information regarding potential pre-trial release conditions has been released by the court.

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