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Woman Crashes Vehicle Into Casino, Leads Police on Chase During DUI Incident, Police Report Says

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ST. CROIX — A psychological evaluation has been ordered for a woman who appeared before a judge at the V.I. Superior Court on Wednesday after being arrested for driving under the influence and first-degree assault, among other charges.

Lisa Allen was arrested on September 20 on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor, negligent driving, driving with a blood alcohol level above .08, operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license, operating an unregistered vehicle, third-degree assault, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The arrest follows a report placed with the 911 Emergency Call Center on September 20, which led police to the Caravelle Hotel and Casino in the vicinity of Queen Cross Street in Christiansted to investigate an auto collision.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, when police arrived at the scene, they made contact with a female employee and a male security officer who worked at the casino. The security officer stated that he heard a loud bang so he exited the casino to see what had made the noise. It was then that he observed a white Jeep Wrangler lodged into the gate of the casino and he proceeded to ask the driver if she was okay.

Police observed the white Jeep Wrangler lodged into the gate of the casino. When they made contact with the operator of the vehicle, identified as Lisa Allen, she was sitting in the driver’s seat. Police asked her to turn off the vehicle to which she said that she needed to take her dogs home.

One of the officers stated that he could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from Allen’s breath and person. She then drove off at a high rate of speed causing the gate to hit the officer on the right elbow. The officer told Allen to stop the vehicle several times. The officer then advised the 911 Emergency Call Center that Allen had driven off and an all-points bulletin was placed on the vehicle.

Allen drove to the far end of the parking lot, turned her vehicle around and drove off at a high rate speed — almost hitting the officer with her vehicle. She then collided into a security gate arm at the hotel causing it to break. The officers chased the vehicle on foot and while in pursuit they heard a crashing sound. Upon approaching the vehicle, they observed that the Jeep Wrangler had collided with a parked, black Dakota Dodge truck. One officer grabbed Smith’s vehicle’s door handle in an attempt to open the door but she drove off a second time.

Allen was eventually traffic stopped by police on Contentment Road near the Christiansted Bypass traffic lights. Police attempted to perform the three standardized field sobriety tests but Allen declined. There was damage to the front bumper and left fender of the Wrangler. The left mirror and front driver’s side door handle were also broken, as well as the rear license plate holder of the vehicle with damage to the rear bumper on the right side. A red piece of plastic was wedged in the left fender matching the broken taillight from the Dakota truck, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

Allen was arrested and submitted to a chemical test of her a breath, which revealed that her blood alcohol content was .412 percent.

According to the 911 Emergency Call Center and the National Crime Information Center, Allen’s driver’s license was expired so it was removed from the system. She was operating an unregistered vehicle and was also unable to provide a valid driver’s license.

In court on Wednesday, a judge ordered Allen’s immediate release upon the posting of $250 of the $1,000 bail requirement. She isn’t allowed to leave St. Croix without the court’s written permission, and is to surrender her passport. The suspect must also report to the Office of Probation every Tuesday, and has been forbidden from consuming alcohol while the matter is pending. Her driving privileges have also been suspended while the matter is pending.

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