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Woman Allegedly Stabs Niece With Box Cutter, Strikes Her With Rock in Presence of Child

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ST. CROIX — A woman is facing criminal charges after she allegedly attacked her niece with a box cutter.

Valencia Hazelwood was arrested on the night of June 14th after police made contact with the victim while she was receiving medical attention.

In a statement to police, she recounted that she was cleaning her grandmother’s house that evening when she saw a pickup truck pull up and observed her aunt Valencia Hazelwood walking towards the entrance of the house while shouting at her. According to the alleged victim, as Hazelwood proceeded to walk toward the front door, she put her hand out to stop her aunt from entering the house and getting it dirty. However, she said that her aunt responded by pushing her against the wall, and reaching into her back pocket for a box cutter which she allegedly used to stab her to the right ribcage area. The woman told police that during the attack her aunt yelled that she was tired of her and would kill her. 

The victim says her minor daughter began screaming and crying when she witnessed the assault. Another individual who was present at the time saw the attack and rushed to her assistance, attempting to take the box cutter away from Hazelwood. The probable cause fact sheet states that they all fell to the ground and Hazelwood allegedly grabbed a big rock and hit her niece in the head. The intervening witness then grabbed the rock from Hazelwood and pinned her to the ground. The victim also assisted in restraining Hazelwood until police arrived. 

The responding officers noted that they observed a cut on the victim’s forehead as well as small cuts around her left forearm and both legs. Hazelwood was placed under arrest and charged with simple assault third-degree assault, both categorized as acts of domestic violence. She was also charged with disturbance of the peace, carrying or using dangerous weapons and brandishing, exhibiting or using a deadly weapon.

She appeared for an advisement hearing on Wednesday where bail was set at $15,000. The judge concluded that she will be released upon the posting of $1,000 cash. Hazelwood and her approved third-party custodian must both sign an unsecured bond for the remainder of the bail amount. She will be required to reside with that custodian for the duration of the matter and will be placed on 24-hour house arrest. Hazelwood has also been ordered to maintain a minimum distance of 1000 feet from the alleged victim.

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