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Woman Allegedly Attempts to Run Over Her Child’s Father, Assaults Him in Presence of Police

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ST. CROIX — A woman appeared in court on Wednesday after allegedly assaulting her child’s father in presence of police. She also allegedly attempted to run the man over with her vehicle, resulting in the victim leaping onto the vehicle’s hood to prevent fatal or catastrophic injury.

On Valentine’s Day, Sandra Madrigal was at the William H. Francis Command police station requesting assistance. While walking through the lobby area, one officer noticed Madrigal and the father of her child arguing in the doorway to the station. They were asked to calm down, but Madrigal allegedly hit the man in the face with her phone right in front of the police, causing a cut to his nose bridge. She was immediately arrested, and he was offered medical assistance, which he declined. 

The man then told officers that he had been traveling in Madrigal’s vehicle when they got into an argument. She reportedly stopped driving and told him he needed to get one of his friends to take him to work, since she needed to go in the opposite direction to pick up her child. The man said he left her vehicle, upset, and walked towards a nearby service station, but Madrigal allegedly followed him out of the vehicle and threw a glass bottle at him. 

He told police the enraged woman got back into her vehicle and drove straight at him in an attempt to run him over, but he jumped to avoid impact and landed on the hood of the vehicle. The man admitted to calling his child’s mother a pejorative word as he reached into the vehicle to try to stop her. He denied hitting her or causing damage to her vehicle.

For her part, Madrigal said that she left the vehicle after her child’s father had exited to calm him down and try to get him back inside. She claimed that he punched her on the left side of her face, after which she got back into her vehicle and drove straight to the police station.

The arresting officer did not observe any visible injuries on Madrigal, and only the laceration to her child’s father’s nose.

Madrigal was then charged with simple assault and battery as an act of domestic violence, and disturbance of the peace.

In court on Wednesday, a judge ruled that Madrigal be allowed to post $101 cash with the remainder of her $1,000 bail requirement to be posted as an unsecured bond. She is to report to the probation office every Tuesday and have no contact with the complainant. While Madrigal was released Wednesday, once the money is posted, she has until 2:00 p.m. Thursday to provide the Office of Probation with her actual address.

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