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Woman Allegedly Assaults Ex-Boyfriend at His Job, Claiming He Reneged on a Promise to Help Her Financially

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ST. CROIX — Bail has been set for a woman who allegedly assaulted her ex-boyfriend while he was at work.

Saidah Ford Harley has been charged with simple assault and battery as a crime of domestic violence as well as disturbance of the peace. 

According to the probable cause fact sheet accompanying her arrest, on the morning of Monday, May 23rd police were dispatched to Sion Farm in reference to a disturbance. There, they met a man who reported that he was performing his daily work duties when he observed a vehicle arrive and stop in front of the gate. He identified the driver as his ex-girlfriend Saidah Harley. According to the man, he was able to avoid her by driving around her vehicle. 

He then traveled to a different location for work but said that Harley followed him. The alleged victim recounted that upon arriving at the second site, he got out of the car to unload items and immediately observed Harley quickly walking towards him with a pink taser in hand. Once she was close enough he was able to hit the taser out of her hand causing it to fall to the ground. He said that she tried to retrieve it but he grabbed it and threw it into a nearby bush. According to his version of events, Harley then grabbed him by the neck with both hands and he grabbed her by the hair to push her away. She then released him and he was able to walk away. 

The man also recounted that Harley then proceeded to insult him and shortly after his boss advised Harley that he was going to call the police. When police arrived they observed small cuts to the victim’s neck and on the side of his face, according to the fact sheet. 

The following day police made contact with Harley who stated that she had traveled to Sion Farm to contact the complainant about an agreement they had for him to provide her with money for a medical procedure. However, she stated that when she arrived at his job he ignored her and she blocked the gate so that he and his coworkers would not be able to leave. She told police that they then drove around her and left the location but she followed. She claims that the man exited the vehicle and stated “I ain’t giving you no money” and she responded that she was going to get her taser from the car. According to Harley, the man then grabbed her by the hair to prevent her from going to the car and a scuffle ensued. 

According to the fact sheet, Harley presented herself at the police station on the night of June 12th and stated that she came in to surrender herself. However, she asked that she be allowed to return at a later time so that she could find a babysitter for her children. This request was denied as according to police Harley had made similar requests in the past regarding the matter but had failed to return at the appointed times. She was therefore placed under arrest and later transported to the John A. Bell Correctional Facility to await her advisement hearing.

At that hearing on Friday, bail was set at $1000. Harley will be allowed to post $101 in cash and sign an unsecured bond for the remainder. While this matter is pending, the defendant will be required to maintain a minimum distance of 300 feet from the alleged victim.

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