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Woman Allegedly Assaults Boyfriend Following Argument at Bar Over Another Female

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ST. THOMAS — A woman was arrested on Sunday in connection with a domestic violence incident where she allegedly slapped her boyfriend and bit him about five times in the area of his back and both arms.

Silvia Ogando Fernandez, age 37, was arrested and charged on Sunday with simple assault and battery as an act of domestic violence in connection with the incident. Her arrest follows a report of a domestic dispute in Smith Bay, where officers made contact with Fernandez’s significant other.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, the man stated that around 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, he and Fernandez were at a party at a bar in Smith Bay. While there, the two got into an argument over another woman and proceeded to leave the bar and went home to his apartment in Estate Wintberg. The victim stated that when they arrived to the apartment, the argument escalated and Fernandez slapped him on the left side of his face. He then told her, “Just kill me! Just do what you want to do to me.” He said he then turned his back and she bit him several times on his back and the back portion of his arms.

According to the documents before the court, the victim’s sister then came into the apartment and pulled Fernandez off of her brother. Fernandez then called 911.

An investigation revealed that the victim had five bite marks on his back, marks on the upper back of both of his arms and a welt on the left side of his face. The victim refused medical treatment.

It was also revealed that the two share a minor child.

Forensics traveled to take pictures of the victim’s injuries and when he realized that Fernandez was getting arrested, he refused to take any more pictures. The victim stated that he did not want to go any further with the matter. Regardless, Fernandez was arrested.

In court on Monday, a judge ruled that Fernandez would be released upon the signing of an unsecured bond for the full $1,000 bail amount.

She is barred from leaving the St. Thomas- St. John District, must surrender her passport and report to the Office of Probation twice a week by telephone. Fernandez is to have no unlawful contact with the alleged victim and visitation of the minor child will be arranged through a third-party, the judge ruled. Fernandez was further barred from having contact with any witnesses in the matter.

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