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VIPD Quelled Several Squabbles, Recovered Weapons During Crucian Christmas Festival, Thanks Community and Law Enforcement For Safe Season

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The V.I. Police Department said this week that its commitment to protecting the people of the Virgin Islands was seen and felt during the 70th Crucian Christmas Festival.

According to the VIPD, there were extra security measures in place for locals and visitors to safely celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Crucian Christmas Festival on St. Croix. 

“It was the tight security along the parade and Jouvert routes, the flashing lights during the Crucian Rican Tramp, or an officer directing motorist, the VIPD men and women in uniforms ranging from black fatigues to the Virgin Islands National Guardsmen in camouflage, saturated almost every event to make sure public was safe,” stated the Police Department.

VIPD Commissioner Ray Martinez first thanked the community, VIPD officers as well as the Virgin Islands National Guard for a safe festival season. “The presence of both the Virgin Islands National Guard and the other law enforcement agencies to include DLCA, DPNR, Department of Health and the Superior Court Marshals, curtailed a couple of squabbles during the Jouvert route and any violence that otherwise could have taken place,” he said.

With the use of technology such as drones and the V.I.P.D.’s mobile command, the department was able to effectively perform its duties in recovering two firearms in the vicinity of the Festival Village area,” the V.I.P.D. said.

Dept. of Tourism Commissioner Joseph Boschulte also shared remarks. “We thank the VIPD for their outstanding job throughout the 2022-2023 Crucian Festival. Your efforts combined with our citizens’ and visitors’ respect for our laws has been a true win for our VI culture,” he said.

The VIPD said it is currently making preparations for the 51st Annual Agriculture and Food Fair, known as Agrifest, this year subtitled: “Growing Today for Tomorrow… You, Me, All Ah We”, according to the V.I.P.D.

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