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V.I. Clean Coasts Announces Residential Erosion Control Program Aimed at Improving Drainage, Runoff and Erosion Issues

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The Virgin Islands Conservation Society, in a partnership with Island Designs Landscape & Storm Water Solutions, and the Department of Planning & Natural Resources have announced the expansion of the VI Clean Coasts program to include assistance for homeowners.

According to the release, a new Residential Erosion Control program will provide residential property owners with professional site assessments and concept designs for improvements to address drainage runoff and erosion issues.

“I am thrilled to see the continuation and growth of the VI Clean Coasts Program,” said Coastal Zone Management Education & Outreach Coordinator and VICC Program Manager, Kitty Edwards. “Being able to expand our efforts to include homeowners means that this program can work for anyone wanting to protect the beautiful environment of the Virgin Islands. We have to work together to protect what we love.”

Homeowners experiencing stormwater runoff and erosion concerns are encouraged to apply to the Residential Erosion Control program for a professional assessment of their residential property, according to the release. Local design and engineering firm, Island Designs, will talk to the homeowner about their concerns, conduct an on-site assessment of the residential property, and provide a concept level design to address runoff and erosion. Residents may apply to the Residential Erosion Control program on the V.I. Clean Coasts page on the V.I. Conservation Society website.

Residential property assessments and concept designs will be made by the team at Island Designs, LLC, led by co-owners Dave Zimmerman and Duane Ferguson, P.E. “We are thrilled that Island Designs will participate in this next expansion of the VI Clean Coasts Program. The ability to help more homeowners in the Territory with their stormwater, flooding, and erosion concerns has long been one of our goals. We are committed to projects that will increase environmental awareness and protection,” said Island Designs.

According to the release, improperly managed stormwater often results in runoff, flooding, and erosion on residential and commercial properties. Eroded sediments and pollutants are carried in stormwater along roads and guts into the marine environment, causing harm to valuable coastal habitats, such as coral reefs. The Residential Erosion Control project aims to help homeowners improve stormwater management and reduce erosion at the source, ultimately reducing harmful sediments in the marine environment.

Established in 2018, VI Clean Coasts is a certification program for USVI businesses and organizations to become more eco-friendly through environmental goals and projects, consulting, and seed-grants. The original goal of the program was to eliminate single-use plastics in the Virgin Islands, but programs are custom-tailored to environmental goals of each certified business.

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