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Tourism Commissioner Who Led Department in Aftermath of Hurricanes and Through Covid-19 is Featured in Award-Winning Magazine

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‘Don’t forget to capture his good side.’ 

That’s what a photo of V.I. Dept. of Tourism Joseph Boschulte would say from the front page of Black Meeting & Tourism (BMT) magazine, if pictures could indeed talk.

The November/December edition of the magazine highlighted Mr. Boschulte’s ability to lead his team even while the territory was eclipsed by two Category 5 hurricanes in 2017 and the Covid-19 pandemic that followed three years later in 2020.

His strategy was to never stop promoting the USVI as a preferred destination even while 18 months passed without a single visit from any cruise ship.

After completing a detailed and comprehensive opening plan, in June 2020, the USVI was ready to accept visitors to the territory. 

Now that his role is set to remain in the second term of the Bryan-Roach administration, he tells VI Consortium that his department will continue to build a world class leisure guest destination on the water and on land. 

This move will introduce and orient more young people on the benefits of a career in tourism and hospitality, he said.

He credited the department’s success on the coordinated and collaborative effort led by Governor Albert Bryan and the Department of Health that was embraced by residents and public and private sector partners.

Speaking of his recognition on the magazine, he said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve his homeland in a critical and important role. 

“It is an honor to be recognized by BMT, it is validation that our strategies, execution and most of all, our tourism team is among the best in world,” he declared.

BMT is an award winning African-America publishing company that markets leisure travel, incentives and meetings market.

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