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The internet is losing it over the way 'RHONY' star Ramona Singer cleans her toilet

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It’s especially important to clean and get rid of germs during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the Internet isn’t entirely sure about Ramona Singer’s method for cleaning her toilet.

Singer’s daughter shared a video on Instagram this week of her mom cleaning and people couldn’t help but notice the way the “Real Housewives of New York” star uses a toilet brush.

Instead of scrubbing the inside of the bowl, Singer rubbed the brush all over the seat, the toilet lid and the outside of the bowl.

“Please everyone look at how Ramona Singer uses a toilet brush,” @joegunn wrote on Twitter.

“Ramona’s doing her best to get toilet bowl germs literally everywhere,” said @hello__caitlin.

Another person worried about Singer getting germs on the negligee she wore to clean.

“Why is she then spraying toilet germs all over her negligee?” asked @lisadubbels.

Another person added, “It’s immediately obvious she’s never had to clean a bathroom herself before.”

But Singer’s daughter, Avery, was there to cheer her mom on as she cleaned her third toilet in her home.

“You’re like a professional!” she said.

“Brings me back to my childhood. How many years was that? A long time ago!” Singer replied.

Singer also shared a video of herself mopping with Clorox.

The 63-year-old beauty guru has been spending her time in quarantine with a surprising guest: her ex-husband, Mario.

“I’m self-isolating with Avery’s dad. He’s making dinner every night,” she revealed two weeks ago as she sat at the dinner table with Mario and their daughter.

The couple divorced in 2016 but are clearly on friendly terms.

Earlier this month, Singer, who recently revealed she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, said she planned to voluntarily isolate herself during the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure she stays healthy.

“This is serious. I’m not ‘socially distancing’ but voluntarily ‘isolating’ myself,” she wrote on Instagram.

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