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The Impact Remains: Government, UVI Officials Reflect on Alexander Moorhead’s Legacy

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The passing of Alexander Moorhead, a former senator, Chamber of Commerce president, and chair emeritus of the University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees, has sparked an outpouring of tributes and accolades from officials across the territory.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. praised Moorhead in a statement issued on Sunday morning, saying, “Alex was iconic in stature and grace. I always looked up to him as a young Virgin Islander working in the refinery. At this age, I understand he was at the table to make pathways and represent us when few could. I will miss him, and the Virgin Islands surely will.”

Dr. Havid Hall, UVI President, described Moorhead as “the most meticulous Board member and lead whom everyone relied upon for excellence and leadership.” Moorhead’s dedication and personal investment in the University of the Virgin Islands were unmatched during his 24-year tenure on the UVI Board, according to Dr. Hall.

Senate President Novelle Francis called Moorhead “a consummate statesman and public servant,” stating that the three-term senator “always put the Virgin Islands first before politics.” Senator Francis acknowledged the significant impact Moorhead’s leadership, economic and business acumen, and service had on the territory, particularly during his five consecutive terms on the UVI Board of Trustees.

Alexander Moorhead passed away on Friday at the age of 77.

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