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Social Security Administration Reveals Top 10 Baby Names of 2021

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The U.S. Social Security Administration on Monday revealed the most popular baby names of 2021.

According to the release, Liam and Olivia remained America’s most popular baby names in 2021.  Liam has been the top choice for new parents for five years in a row, and Olivia has topped the list for three years. Once again, during this unprecedented time, parents chose to stick with familiar names, Social Security said. Out of both Top 10 lists combined, only one name changed, with Theodore replacing Alexander in popularity.  The name Theodore joins the Top 10 list for the first time.

Here are the top 10 boys and girls names for 2021 (boys left, girls right):

1) Liam           1) Olivia

2) Noah          2) Emma

3) Oliver        3) Charlotte 

4) Elijah          4) Amelia

5) James        5) Ava

6) William       6) Sophia 

7) Benjamin    7) Isabella

8) Lucas          8) Mia

9) Henry          9) Evelyn

10) Theodore  10) Harper

For all of the top baby names of 2021, and to see where your name ranks, go to Social Security’s website, www.socialsecurity.gov.

Acting Social Security Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi encouraged everyone to create a my Social Security account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.  my Social Security, born ten years ago this month, is a personalized online account that people can use beginning in their working years and continuing while receiving Social Security benefits, according to the release.

The Social Security Administration said that over the decade, more than 69 million people have signed up and benefited from the many secure and convenient self-service options.  People who set up their my Social Security account have access to additional personalized services.  They can request a replacement Social Security card online if they meet certain requirements.  If they already receive Social Security benefits, they can start or change direct deposit online, request a replacement SSA-1099, and if they need proof of their benefits, they can print or download a current Benefit Verification Letter from their account.

People not yet receiving benefits can use their online account to get a personalized Social Security Statement, which provides their earnings information as well as estimates of their future benefits.  The portal also includes a retirement estimator and links to information about other online services, such as applications for retirement, disability, and Medicare benefits.

Additional Baby Names Information:

Social Security began compiling the baby name list in 1997, with names dating back to 1880.  At the time of a child’s birth, parents supply the name to the agency when applying for a child’s Social Security card, thus making Social Security America’s source for the most popular baby names.

Each year, the list reveals the effect of pop-culture on naming trends.  Here are the top five fastest rising boys and girls names in 2021 (boys left, girls right)::

1) Amiri     1) Raya

2) Eliam     2) Wrenley

3) Colter    3) Angelique

4) Ozzy     4) Vida

5) Loyal     5) Emberlynn

Visit www.socialsecurity.gov/babynames to view the entire list.

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