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Shooting Suspect Allegedly Stood Over One of the Victims and Snatched Gold Chain Off His Neck – New Details Emerge

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ST. THOMAS — New details have emerged in connection with the brazen shooting incident near the Nisky Center Saturday that left two men injured, one of whom had to be airlifted for further medical care.

Police have arrested and charged Cuthbert Dabrio Jr. with several offenses including first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm, reckless endangerment, grand larceny and third-degree assault. 

According to a probable cause fact sheet submitted to the court, police reviewed surveillance footage from the area where the shooting occurred and observed the perpetrator exiting a white vehicle. He then proceeded to where the victims and several of their friends stood and fired multiple times. The fact sheet further states that the shooter approached one of the victims while he was on the ground and snatched a gold chain from his neck before fleeing the scene. He reportedly escaped by entering the rear of the white vehicle which had been waiting for him. The suspect was described by police as a slim-built, medium-complexion Afro-American male with braids and gold-framed glasses.

According to police, on Monday Cuthbert Dabrio Jr. presented himself at the police station to give a statement concerning Saturday’s shooting. He reportedly claimed that he was informed by a family member that he may have possibly participated in the matter and that people were looking for him. Dabrio provided a statement to police explaining that he had not been in the area on the date and time in question and that he did not own a firearm or shoot anyone. He was released pending further investigation after asserting that he had no knowledge of the incident. 

However, according to the fact sheet, later that day police reviewed the surveillance footage again and were able to confirm that Dabrio was indeed the shooter captured in the video. He was subsequently arrested and bail was set at $200,000 by the Magistrate Court. Following his arrest, Dabrio was turned over to the Bureau of Corrections.

His bail remained as set following a Wednesday morning advisement hearing. While the defendant’s attorney presented a relative to serve as a possible third-party custodian, the judge affirmed that she was not persuaded that the individual was suitable based on the logistics of their housing situation. If Dabrio is able to post bail, he will be placed on a 24-hour house arrest with electronic monitoring. He must submit his travel documents to the court prior to his release. He has also been ordered to maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet from the two victims and is prohibited from having any contact with them or any potential witnesses.

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