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‘Sex-Starved’ Fans Are Apparently Disrupting Production Of The New ‘Magic Mike’ Movie

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Middle-aged women of England: Get a hold of yourselves!

Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the upcoming third installment in the strippertastic Magic Mike series, has begun rehearsals in London. But when a gaggle of lusty ladies got word of exactly where Channing Tatum, who plays the eponymous floor-humper, and his chiseled co-stars were busy dusting off their hip thrusts and other pelvic gyrations, all hell broke loose.

According to The Sun, the bosses at Warner Bros. have been forced to enlist the services of additional security personnel after confidential details about the film’s production schedule and studio location were leaked to a bunch of horny housewives with time on their hands and lust in their hearts. The paper reports that “details of the production schedule were leaked on a WhatsApp group of obsessed women, who immediately descended on the location and made it clear they would go to ANY lengths to see the actors in a state of oiled-up undress.”

While it was initially seen as being all in good fun, the fans reportedly progressed from amusing to disruptive pretty quickly, which led to some security concerns.

“It starts as a bit of fun and it’s great that the fans are so engaged. They’re just passionate—and plainly sex-starved!,” a source close to the production told The Sun. “But after a while it has become problematic and there are now a lot of fans trying to get hold of the guys pretty much everywhere they go.”

Whether these stripper movie super fans are actually unhinged or just really exciting about seeing Tatum’s rippling abs up close, the studio would clearly rather not find out whether they’ve got a lotta lawbreakers in the crowd the hard way. “Obviously the previous films have had a huge impact, but also left this legion of horny middle-aged women, who are making it their business to know the guys’ every move and follow them all over the place,” said the source, who, if there was a Pulitzer Prize for background quotes, would definitely be a top contender.

In the meantime, the filmmakers have brought in extra security to make sure every ounce of Mike’s Magic is saved for the screen.

(Via The Sun)

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