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Serial Car Thief Strikes Again: Jeremy Allen Arrested in St. Croix

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Serial car thief Jeremy Allen faces legal consequences once again as he was arrested in St. Croix after a series of car thefts and a subsequent collision. The incident began when Allen stole a blue Toyota Yaris from a parking lot, leaving the owner to report the theft to the police. Allen later crashed the Yaris into a Chevrolet Express on Route 63, causing damage and injuries, before fleeing the scene on foot.

Witnesses provided the police with Allen’s description and last known location, allowing them to track him down and bring him back to the scene. There, he was positively identified by the victims of the collision. Allen was treated for injuries sustained in the crash before being taken into custody.

In addition to the Yaris theft, Allen was also found to have stolen a box truck from a service station earlier the same day. The truck was later discovered in an empty lot with damage to its roof and side walls.

Following his arrest, Allen was charged with two counts of unauthorized use of a vehicle. Although the charge of negligent driving was dropped during his advice of rights hearing, the judge ordered a psychological and psychiatric evaluation for Allen before he can be released. This incident adds to Allen’s criminal history, as he had previously led officers on a high-speed chase in 2020 after stealing a Department of Health vehicle, although those charges were dismissed following a plea agreement.

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